July 1, 2019

July Uptrending Stocks list


DGSE(+213% Past 3m): Performed well over the last few months. Currently struggling over 1.40, on watch for a climb past 1.50

KIQ(254% past year): A lower volumed stock with big gains over the past 6 months. Recently recovered from a pullback and is approaching its 52 week high of 1.66, watching

REKR(+165% past 3m): Has low volume but has had a tremedous surge in recent weeks. Struggling with a 2.00 wall, if it climbs past it, expect a strong continuation

CVRS(+258% past year): Has had a beautiful chart for swing traders over the past year, with plenty of spikes and dips. Large 4.25 pt in place

NOVN(+175% past 3m): Had a strong surge in may and early june before becoming stagnant since then. Struggling to surpass 3.00, watching for a break of that mark

TMQ(+175% past 5 years): Has gained 1500% since the beginning of 2016, making it one of the best gainers since that time period. Interacting with the 3.00 wall, fully expecting it to break and continue north

WKHS(+373% past 3m): Has had explosive growth in recent months. Struggling to surpass and stay over 3.00, on watch for a break of that mark

RAVE(+94% past 3m): Has had explosive growth since the new year, gaining well over 200% over that time. Looking for a continuation this week, if it holds over 3.00

APPS(+233% past year): One of the best under $10 growth stocks, APPS has maintained a beautiful uptrend for over 2 years. Reached and surpassed all prior targets, new 7.50 pt in place

CFMS(+248% past year): Has had a great 6 months, surging with plenty of surges and pullbacks. Looks primed for another attempt to break its 5.00 wall, on watch

FSI(+102% past 3m): Has doubled it’s share price over the last few months and 166% since the beginning of FEB. Has a beautiful chart, 5.50 pt in place


ASPN(+180% past 3m): Currently has a beauiful chart, with a solid climb north. Looking for it to maintain its current uptrend.


CVM(+654% past year): Has continued it’s tremedous surge, recovering from it’s second large pullback. 10.00 pt approaching

IDN(+170% past year): 6.25 resistance looms ahead, if that mark is reached, expecting it to break, consisdering it’s excellent uptrend recently

USAT(+77% past 3m): Decent 3 months, with a solid uptrend move. 8.00 resistance needs to be broken to continue to 10.00


PAYS(+284% past year): Continues its surge that it has maintained since the new year, marching towards our pt of 15.00 set several weeks ago. Expecting it to reach that mark soon

ADVM(+125% past 3m): Currently has a beautiful chart, as it continues to reach all times highs regularly. 12.50 next pt, but expecting it to surge past that mark

RCM(+403% past 5 years): A slow but consistent growth stock, that has continued to move north since it hit the market in early 2017. 15.00 pt in place

ARQL(+130% past 3m): Has had an uptrend since late 2017, gaining over 1000% over that time. The sky is the limit for this stock, expecting it to continue north in the long term

GSB(189% past year): A rather low volumed stock with a consistent uptrend over the past year+. Needs to hold over 10.00 before pushing higher, but the stock looks promising currently

HEBT,IDEX,AVP,DRD,NG,GLDD: Stocks on watch to become swings in the future
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