June 15, 2020

June 11th Watchlist

NETS: Had a large climb today on report of a takeover offer. Watching in the coming days for follow up news and potential further runs

MYT: Began its climb in the second half of the day today, closing decently. Looking for a break of 2.50 for a continuation to take place

EMES: Unvieled its restructing deal today, causing the stock to lead all gainers. Very small cap stock but potential for a multiday run

MAXR: Stagnant for much of the day before late news emerged that the company was to work on a new Nasa moon project, causing a very nice close. Looking for a PM continuation

MYND: Announced a 2.8 mil. registered direct offering this morning. The stock had a early morning spike before settling down for the day, but did have another run in AH. Observing tomorrow

LTBR: Low volume stock that had a steady climb today, continuing its 3 month trend. Looking for it to hold above 1.00 before contining its climb

RTLR: Began its surge after midday, maintaining its uptrend into close. Needs to surpass 20.00 to remain a buy

SANW,NTGN: Gainers on watch for continuations

OBLN,SDRL,OTLK: Rebound Candidates
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