July 11, 2021

June 12th Watchlist

TPST: Had a fantastic Friday, spiking hard and even touching 25.00 briefly before collapsing heading into close. Had many times its average volume, looking for a second run early this week

PFMT: Performed well on Friday, bringing it back to its previous 4.00 resistance. Watching this week, if it can surpass that mark, it has the potential to run back to its 5.00 52 week high.

TBLT: Had massive volume on Friday, passing 200 million shares traded, and surpassing 1.00. At its highest point in months, looking for it to hold over 1.00 before continuing north

MOXC: Steadily climbed last week, gaining 30% and adding to its near 500% amassed over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for another attempt over and beyond 30.00 shortly

MTSL: Had a great day, pumping and dumping hard midday before taking off again in AH, ending the day on a high note. Had great volume on Friday, looking for a continuation

MRIN: Has been fantastic in recent weeks before hitting a snag in the final days of last week. Has climbed over 20.00 several times before taking a step back, on the radar for another test of 20.00 tomorrow

UTSI: A generally lower volume stock that had a big day on Friday, steadily climbing and closing at 2.00. Potential for a larger run if the 2.00 wall comes down and its volume remains heightened

HALL: A low volume stock that set a new 52 week high on Friday, reaching 5.00 with several times its average volume. On watch for it to push higher

CETX: Put up 10x its average volume on Friday, leading to a strong gain that continued with a minor push north in AH, bouncing back from its recent pullback. On the radar

CHS: A long-term gainer that had a great Friday, rebounding nicely from its pullback and bringing it back to its 7.00 resistance. Up 117% over the past 3m with a solid chart, looking for it to continue its move north

XYF: A lower volume stock that had an interesting week as it tried to recover from its previous uptrend. Has a history of strong momentum, watching for it to recover further this week

XELA: Had a strong start to Friday before pulling back, ending the day with minor gains. Despite this, it had massive volume, and ended the week up 40%, watching this week for a surge past the 3.00 resistance.

CLDX: Ran hard in AH, leading all gainers, after presenting Positive data on Phase 1b study in Chronic Inducible Urticaria. On the radar for a larger run this week

CARV: Started the day extremely well, setting yet another 52 week high and surpassing 40.00 before declining hard throughout the day. Amassed more than 150% last week, watching for its positive momentum to continue

BTU: A long-term gainer that had another great day, steadily climbing its way to another 52 week high and bringing its past 3m gains to 225% with a strong chart over that time. Expecting it to push higher
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