June 17, 2020

June 17th Watchlist

UONE: Had a massive run on Tuesday, it’s second in a row. Has gained over 1000% over the past week. Looking for another spike today

NTN: Gained 550%+ over the past week, including 250% yesterday. Set a new 52 week high as well, watching for anotber run today

CLIR: A steady gainer that had an excellent run, with a strong close. Flying in premarket again, if it surpasses 3.00, expect a continued surge today

VERI: Has a beautiful chart thats had an excellent long term climb. Expecting a continued run over the near future at minimum

BLDP: A long term gainer that’s maintained its climb for many years. 20.00 in sight, looking for it to reach that mark potentially by the end of this upcoming week

LPTH: Has surged over the past few months, breaking over a year of downtrending. Recently made ZACKS 5 stocks to buy, looking for it to continue its momentum

PRTS: One of the best gainers, the stock has soared over the past few months, continuously setting new 52 week high marks. 10.00 approaching fast, look for it to reach it before the end of the month
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