June 18, 2020

June 18th Watchlist

DRD: Has had a very consistent climb over the past year. Looking for its move to continue in the near future. 13.00 short term pt.

ANCN: Had another solid day today, surging to it’s previous resistance. Needs a strong push past 1.50 to continue north, watching

AFH: Surged throughout the day, closing strong and continued its uptrend in AH. Needs a big premarket to continue its run

VERI: Has a beautiful chart thats had an excellent long term climb. Expecting a continued run over the near future at minimum

ELAHas had a beautiful uptrend over the past 52 weeks, maintaining a run that’s lasted throughout that time period, and through the current pandemic. Approaching 4.00, expecting it to run past that

IPWR: More then doubled in value over the past week, due to a series of news. Watch early Monday for signs of it’s excellent move to continue

CARV: Ran hard today, after months of downtrending. Watching

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