June 6, 2022

June 1st Watchlist

SPT: Had a strong day, taking off early morning, surpassing 100.00 and holding its gains heading into close. Set a new 52 week high, looking for its consistent climb to continue

BYSI: Led all gainers today, after spiking over 40.00 in PM. Pushed higher in AH, on the radar for another surge over 30.00 in the near future

HOOD: Pumped hard then dumped early morning, halting during that time. Headed north throughout the rest of the day after its pullback, closing at 70.00. Excellent volume today, on watch for another run shortly

ATOM: Had a good start to the day, climbing over 22.00 at one point. Held most of gains, would like to see this be the start of the recovery shortly

BNTX: Maintained its long-term climb today, bringing its past month’s gains to 85%. Sets near-daily 52 week highs, expecting a continued long-term uptrend.

WORX: Performed well most of the day, pushing to its 3.20 resistance before pulling back. Up 40% over the past week, looking for another test of its 3.20 wall hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MRNA: Recorded moderate gains again today, bringing its past month’s gains to nearly 80%. Set another new 52 week high, 450.00+ pt for the near future How are you today and what is up with you. Can i tell you something ive always wone

ACY: Has soared of late, with today’s run doubling its share value over the past weeks time. Has fantastic momentum, expecting 30.00 again in the coming days.

BTBT: Another great climb today, maintaining its uptrend throughout the day and closing strong. Up 70% over the past week, would like to see 15.00+

ONE: A penny stock that had a massive day, going as far as reaching 1.29 before hitting a wall and declining throughout the day. Amassed large volume, looking for another attempt to climb over 1.00

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