May 31, 2021

June 1st Watchlist

VTNR: Had a phenomenal Friday, doubling in share value and continuing the multiday run that allowed it to accumulate more than 300% during the week. On the radar for a continuation

CLVR: Had a strong week, adding 34%, punctuated by a strong close on Friday. Potential start to its recovery, watching closely next week

NTP: Set a new 52 week high on Friday, as it continues its long-term climb, which’s allowed it to gain 134% over the past month. Expecting 30.00 this week

TGLS: Set another new 52 week high last week, amassing nearly 70% over the past month and 200% over the past 3m. Would like to see its climb continue this week

EMAN: Had a massive run on Friday, steadily climbing more than 50% and closing at its HOD. Put up many times its average volume, looking for a smaller repeat of that run

SRGA: Performed well on Friday, reaching tt’s highest point in over a month, before running into its 2.00 wall. Has a long term downtrend currently, looking for a potential start to a rebound

RXDX: A low volume stock that flew on Friday, running throughout the day, and closing strong, despite no large increase in its low average volume. Has a clearly defined resistance of 28.00 but has some room to continue its run before reaching that mark.

DFH: A lower volume stock that had a solid Friday, consistently climbing throughout the day and coming within a few pennies of its previous 52 week high, set nearly a year ago. Looking for its surge north to continue

SLS: Had a strong push north to end the week, bringing its past month gains to 45%. Save for a massive single-day pump in December, it’s at it’s largest point over the past years time. Expecting it to continue clawing its way north

JILL: An excellent under-the-radar gem that has very low average volume yet continues to quietly make its way north, amassing more than 100% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m with an excellent chart. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, expecting 20.00+ again early this week

PDSB: Ended the week on a high note, setting another new 52 week high and bringing its past month gains to 117%, with an excellent chart recently. Would like to see 15.00+ this week

AMC: Soared early Friday, surpassing 35.00 briefly before pulling back hard to end the day. Was pumped hard last week, more than doubling in share value, watching for its run to continue back over 30.00

TELL: Consistently climbed again, ending the week setting a new 52 week high and bringing its past week gains over 60%. Has great momentum, expecting 5.00 in the near future

BBW: Suffered a pullback to end last week after its excellent run that’s seen it double in share value over the past month. Needs to hold over 15.00 early this week before bouncing back to its previous highs

SELB: Added nearly 40% last week, reversing from a sudden pullback. Looking for a continuation of that move this week.

AHT: Put up over 30% last week with a solid chart, and carrying it over 100% over the past month. On the radar for it to hold over 4.00 before continuing its Uptrend

LIVE: A very low volume stock that continues flying under the radar, gaining 428% over the past year including 77% over the past month’s time. Has almost no eyes on the stock but it continues its surge, watching this week

RCON: A great long-term gainer that’s added more than 450% over the past 3m, with a strong chart over that time. Having trouble recently with 12.50, on the radar for it to surpass that mark shortly.

LEDS: Had massive volume on Friday, leading to its run to a new 52 week high, before pullback back hard. Up nearly 250% over the past month, looking for another surge over 15.00 this week
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