June 21, 2021

June 22nd Watchlist

TRCH: Spiked hard early morning before pulling back and steadily rebounding back to its 10.00. Has gained more than 200% over the past week, looking for its run to continue north
MOXC: Maintained a solid climb throughout the day, surging to nearly 20.00 before pulling back heading into close. Would like to see another run to 20.00 in the near future
PED: A generally lower volume stock that had nearly 10x its average volume, allowing it to have a strong day, gaining more than 15%. Looking for a return t 2.00 in the coming days
USEG: Had a great day, steadily climbing throughout the day and closing strong, at 5.00. Potential to push higher this week
ENG: Took off early morning and maintained its surge throughout most of the day, including a solid push north in AH. Watching for a continuation this week
ADIL: Led all AH gainers today due to revisited hype surrounding potential approval in the near future. Watching closely.
AVXL: Has been an excellent stock of late, with today’s uptrend bringing its past month gains to 121%. Has excellent momentum, potential for 30.00 before EOW
LDL: Led all gainers today after its $1.3 billion acquisition deal with Unifrax. Held its gains throughout the day into close, watching tomorrow for another push north
GOED: Had a great run today that continued into after-hours, finishing above 4.00. Up 30% over the past week, watching for its recent increase in volume to cause the stock to continue north
GSAT: Had a strong run to start the day, pushing higher into midday before hitting a wall and regressing back to 1.50. Needs to surpass that wall before being able to continue to 2.00
SWBI: Spiked early morning, before growing stagnant, holding its gains into close, with more than 10x its average volume. 30.00 insight, would like to see that mark reached this week
CTXR: Ran nicely again today, maintaining a steady climb that’s had it gain 56% over the past week with an excellent chart. Would like to see 5.00 in the coming days
LXU: A low volume, long-term gainer that continued its surge today, bouncing back from a minor pullback with a steady climb throughout the day that continued in after-hours, bringing it to 7.00. Up nearly 500% over the past year with a great chart, expecting a continuation north long term
ATOS: Performed well today, continuing the recent uptrend that’s seen it amass 30% over the past week with an excellent chart, as it returns to its 6.00 resistance. Expecting it to surpass that mark shortly
GBR: Had a fantastic day, maintaining a consistent climb throughout the day and closing at its HOD. Had a sharp pullback in AH, on watch for a second run to take place
OCGN: Took off midday, climbing more than 10% and closing strong. Had a large pullback recently, on the radar for this to be the start of a recovery
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