June 21, 2020

June 22nd Watchlist

TRIL: Has maintained it’s steady climb, recording another 10% gain last week, bringing its 3m gains to nearly 250%. Expecting its uptrend to 10.00 to continue this week.

BCOM: A low volume stock that’s quietly surging, gaining over 40% last week and over 250% over the past 3m. Resistance at 2.60, looking it to climb past that and continue to 3.00 shortly

DRD: Gained 24% last week, adding to its year long run that’s seen it gain nearly 400% over that time. Excellent chart, looking for 13.50+ this week.

RVP: One of the best gainers over the past 52 weeks, RVP has gained nearly 600% over the past 3m and 1000% over the past year. Picked up another 20% last week, all signs point to 10.00 being reached in the short term

VERI: Hit a snag to end the week, but still continued its surge, has put up nearly 850% over the past 3m, continuing to make it one of the best stocks over that time. Expecting the uptrend to continue

ELA: Just about at its 52 week high, as it negotiates its current resistance. Watch for a strong break of 4.25 for it to remain a buy

MLSS: Up 64% over the past month and 745% over the past year. A solid runner with potential to reach 3.00 this upcoming week, watching

NAK: Gained 304% over past 3m. Watching for a climb past its resistance of 1.50 for its uptrend to continue

COHN: Had a massive run last week, before falling some during the second half of Friday. Looking for a short term rebound on Monday

MTSL: A large runner on friday, recording over 60%. MTSL has the potential to reach 2.00 this week, if it can continue it’s more then 20x normal volume that it had last week

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