June 22, 2021

June 23rd Watchlist

PLUG: Had a solid climb today, closing near its HOD. Put up twice its average volume, on the radar for its potential recovery to continue over 35.00 and beyond.
GAME: A low-volume stock that had a strong day, putting up many times its average volume. Reached nearly 11.50 during the day before pulling back, looking for a return to its 12.50 resistance shortly
BBIG: Soared in recent days, returning to its 5.00 resistance. Has strong volume, watching for its 5.00 wall to finally come down and for it to continue north
ACST: A penny stock that had a great day, steadily climbing throughout the market day and continuing in Ah, amassing 20%. Has great volume and momentum, watching tomorrow for it to continue its run
VTVT: Performed well in PM on solid news before fizzling out during the day. On the radar for a secondary bounce to take place tomorrow
SSNT: Took off early morning and held its gains throughout the day, finishing over 10.00. Up over 60% over the past month, expecting its momentum to carry it higher
GSAT: Had performed very well recently, gaining 50% over the past few days with a steady chart over that time. 2.00 insight, expecting it to surge past that mark shortly
XAIR: Ran hard today due to news, climbing hard and closing at its HOD. Had nearly 10x its average volume, would like to see it continue to 7.00+ before EOW
DBGI: Performed very well, surging all day into close. Needs another surge of volume to continue to its 5.00 52 week high. Watching this week
EXPR: Took off early morning and maintained its uptrend throughout most of the day. Would like to see 6.50 reached again in the upcoming days
ATOS: Performed excellently, pushing over 7.50 at one point, and continuing a run that’s amassed 50% over the past week and 117% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, expecting 7.50+ again in the coming days
CLOV: Spiked early morning, reaching a 14.00 wall before pulling back hard. One of several stocks that’s been controlled by Reddit in recent weeks, looking for a continuation north this week
JAN: Pumped and dumped hard early morning, climbing over 12.00 briefly before its pullback. Would like to see another attempt to surpass and hold over 10.00
IDRA: Steadily climbed throughout the day, closed strong and continued in after-hours, reaching 1.90 before pulling back. Put up excellent volume today, watching for a continuation to 2.00
ALF: Had a fantastic day, running hard throughout, more than doubling in share value and closing strong. Had a pullback in AH, would like to see its recent run continue to 20.00 before EOW
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