June 23, 2021

June 24th Watchlist

CTXR: Performed well early morning, reaching 4.23 before pulling back to 4.00. Has gained 70% over the past month and nearly 350% over the past year, on the radar for it to continue north
VTNR: Took off late day and maintained its surge into the end of day, closing strong. Would like to see it maintain its surge past its 9.00 resistance in the near future
ASPU: Maintained a very steady uptrend throughout the day, settling at 7.00, it’s 52 week high. Had a large pullback in early March, would like to see its recovery continue in the coming days
DFFN: A penny stock that had an excellent day, consistently surging and closing strong, with almost twice its average volume. Potential for a return to 1.00 in the coming days if its momentum holds
ENTX: Had a great start to the day, spiking and even halting, reaching over 8.50 briefly before pulling back. Looking for a secondary spike to take place tomorrow morning
MOXC: Took off early morning and maintained its climb throughout most of the day, before pulling back to 20.00 to end the day. Has amassed 70% over the past week with a great chart, expecting it to continue north
CDEV: An excellent long-term gainer that’s put up 50% over the past month and 564% over the past year with an excellent chart. Set a new 52 week high today before reversing, would like to see another test of 7.50 shortly
BBQ : A low volume stock that’s been an excellent gainer until recent weeks, as it consolidated during that time. Pushing higher today, expecting its run to continue again, watching for a continuation to 20.00.
REFR: A low-volume stock that performed very well today, putting up 3x its average volume. Has stiff resistance at 2.50, on the radar for that wall to come down in the near future
PERI: Consistently climbed throughout the day, with several times its average volume. Tested 20.00 briefly before pulling back heading into close, expecting another attempt to surpass that price
CLSD: Ran hard today, continuing the recent uptrend that’s seen it amass 122% over the past month. Expecting another surge to 6.00 in the coming days if its momentum holds
PEI: Had a good start to the day, surging until midday. Grew stagnant throughout the rest of the day, but held its gains into close. Its 3.00 resistance is in sight, needs a big rush of volume to reach and finally surpass that mark
BEST: Ran hard throughout the day, rebounding very nicely from its recent pullback. Closed near its HOD, potential for a continued surge to 2.00 tomorrow
TRCH: Had a sharp decline today after an excellent long-term climb. Held nicely above 5.00 today, watching for a rebound off that price tomorrow if it’s 5.00 floor holds
MRIN: Flew in Afterhours, leading all gainers on news that it’s integrated with instacart ads. Held its gains throughout after-hours, potential for a continuation north in PM
IGC: Soared in AH after news that it’s completed the final cohort of its Phase 1 clinical trial on Alzheimer’s Patients. Consistently pushed higher and closed strong, could see it maintain that uptrend tomorrow
ATOS: Had a quiet day but still registered minor gains today. Up more than 50% over the past week and 121% over the past month, expecting it to continue to push higher this week
GOED: Had another strong run today, continuing its previous move north that’s seen it amass nearly 40% over the past week. Looking for a short term continuation of that positive move
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