June 24, 2020

June 24th Watchlist

BCOM: A low volumes stock, BCOM Had a solid day, bringing it’s 76% past month and 254% past 3m. Looking for a continuation to 3.00 in the future

NH: Steadily climbed throughout the day, holding it’s gains heading into close, just shy of surpassing 4.00. Crosses that mark slightly in Afterhours, looking for it to hold over that mark and continue north

INO: Recieved $71 Mil. From Pentagon for Vaccine delivery device, causing a run throughout the day. Also, recieved a PT increase to $24 by Maxim, up over 700% over the past year, watching for a continuation

DRD: A near daily gainer, DRD recorded another modest gain today, reaching our 15.00 pt briefly. Watching tomorrow for another attempt to climb over that mark to take place

TBIO: Soared early morning with excellent news,though it fizzled throughout the day. Watching for a early morning rebound

CYCN: Had a strong day today, bringing its weekly gains to 60%, and 3m gains to 170%. Would like to see another attempt to break 7.50 in the near future

FFHL: Surged for the beginning part of the day before falling hard heading into close. Looking for a reversal in the morning, if it doesn’t, expecting a further fall before another spike takes place

UONE: Ran again today, bringing its monthly gains to nearly 2000%. Briefly reached 30.00, looking for another climb towards that mark in the next few days

IEA: Had a strong climb today but followed the market trend by falling heading into close. Up over 90% over the past month, looking for another climb over 4.00 in the future

NEPT: After announcing yesterday it’s plan to launch new hand sanitizers in July, The stock had a steady climb throughout the day, surpassing 3.00 and holding its gains into close. Looking for a continuation.

WKHS: Had a continued run today, bringing its weekly gains to 63% and 162% over the past month. Closed slightly under 7.00, although it surpassed it slightly in Afterhours. Watching for it to hold over that mark and push higher tomorrow

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