June 25, 2020

June 25th Watchlist

NH: One of our favorite swings recently, it put up strong numbers again today, bringing its gains to 89% over the past month and 289% over the past 3m. Negotiating 5.00, watching for it to surpass that

ATOS: Had a solid day today, finishing the day with a strong close, and decent afterhours. Looking for it to continue riding it’s momentum to higher price targets

RVP: One of the biggest gainers over the past 3m, RVP has nearly erased a large pullback that took place early in the week and is primed to continue its climb north. Expecting 8.50+ in the near future

PHCF: Had a monster day throughout the day, closing strong and continuing it’s run in afterhours, finishing the day with massive gains. Watching in premarket for a continuation after profit taking

MTC: A steady uptrend today, rebounding somewhat from a 2 week slide. Looking to see if a reversal takes place

WKHS: Company announced it passed safety standard tests for all its vans, causing the stock to perform well throughout the day. Has gained 125% over the past week, looking for it to continue its climb to 10.00

CRDF: Ran today throughout the day, Continuing it’s 3m trend, where it’s gained over 400% over that time period. Surpassed 4.00, expecting it to continue to climb

VXRT: Announced this morning, its intentions to join the Russell 3000 index, resulting in a consistent climb throughout the day. On the radar for tomorrow

VIR: Had a steady uptrend throughout the entire day, closing strong. Looking for a continuation to 50.00 in the near future

FPRX: Had a modest day, until the final 2 hours of the maeket day, in which the stock picked up steam and closed strong. Hovering around 7, watching tomorrow, a strong push past its current price point

PLUG: Had another strong day, bringing its weekly gains to 42% and month gains to 84%. Approaching 8.00, looking for the stock to reach that in the future

IPDN: A massive gainer early morning after being allowed to resume trading, but fizzled throughout the day after that point, creating many bagholders. Watching for a early spike in the morning but if nothing takes place, expect continued bleeding

SINT: Announced coronavirus news, creating a publication to help reduce the spread of the disease. Caused a large run early morning that held steady throughout the day, looking for it to hold over 2.00 and continue upwards.

CFMS: A low cap penny stock that Performed well today, approaching 1.00, after recieved the FDA nod for its Knee System device. On the radar for a potential 1.00 being reached lol

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