June 24, 2021

June 25th Watchlist

XYF: A generally low volume stock that had a great day, putting up nearly 2 mil volume, and bringing its past month gains to over 150%. Has great momentum of late and remains under the radar, looking for 15.00 in the coming days
LIVE: An extremely low volume stock that continues to fly. Surged throughout the day, and closed strong, within a few dollars short of its 52 week high. Testing 70.00, fully expecting its momentum to carry it past that mark and to a new 52 week high
TGA: Performed well today, maintaining the long-term run that’s amassed nearly 300% over the past year with a very consistent chart. Climbed over 2.00 with ease today, expecting 2.50+ in the coming days
VRAY: Took off early morning, and held its gains thoughout the day into close. Up 60% over the past 3m, needs to hold over 6.65 to continue north
ATOS: Continues its surge north, adding to its 55% gain over the past week and 145% over the past months time. Set a new 52 week high, expecting its move north to continue
FFHL: Had a fantastic after-hours, leading all gainers after it announces Year over Year increases in Q1 earnings and revenue. On watch for a continuation north tomorrow
MRIN: Soared early morning before pulling back and becoming mostly stagnant throughout the day before rocketing north to end the market day. Had massive volume, looking for a potential recovery in PM after its AH pullback.
MIRO: Had its first day on the stock exchange and went wild, running 70% and closing strong. On watch for a secondary climb if its volume and hype hold.
DBGI: Ran hard early morning, spiking to a new 52 week high before steadily declining the rest of the day. Has had a sharp uptrend recently, on watch for another move north
RAIL: Consistently uptrended today, as it bounced back from its previous pullback and looks to be set up to make another attempt to surpass 8.00, something it’s done 3 times over the past 3m. Watching into next week
PIRS: Had a great day, surging north throughout the day into AH, closing strong. Approaching its 52 week high, looking for a test of 5.00 in the near future
ALF: Had a decent bounce back today after its large pullback yesterday. Watching for a continued recovery if its volume holds
MOXC: Had another excellent surge today, continuing its previous uptrend and bringing its past week gains to nearly 100%. Set another new 52 week high before pulling back, expecting another push over 25.00 shortly
SSNT: A lower volume stock that performed well, with today’s climb bringing it to more than 50% gain over the past week. Has great momentum and remains under the radar, looking for a test of its 13.42 52 week high in the coming days
LKCO: Started the day off well before declining throughout the day. Has still amassed 34% over the past week and 125% over the past month, looking for it to push higher.
ENG: Had a solid day, bringing its past week gains to 34% as it sets itself up for a potential extended recovery, on the radar heading into next week
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