June 26, 2020

June 26th Watchlist

VXRT: Announced deal to scale up COVID vaccine production, resulting in an excellent day. We made our alert at 4.20, it closed at 6.26 and climbed further to 7.65 in after-hours. Potential for an even further climb to take place tomorrow

ATHX: Started the morning off well, before growing stagnant throughout most of the day. Surged in after-hours to hit our initial pt. Of 3.00. Needs a strong push tomorrow to surpass its 3.00 resistance, watching

INO: A long term gainer with Potential to reach much higher in the coming weeks and months. Has gained 140% over the past week and 1200% in the past year. Reached 34.68 in after-hours, looking for 40.00 next week

DRRX: Steadily climbed throughout the day, closing with a respectable gain today, breaking out of a 2 month consolidation period. Within striking distance of 3.00, on watch for a short term run to or near that price point in the future

IPDN: Surged throughout most of the day, putting up massive gains. Sank partially in the final hour of the market day, and even more in after-hours, as news of a new CEO was announced. Looking for an early morning reversal

PAYS: Had a beautiful chart today, due to a steady uptrend that took place all day, including a solid close. Climbed securely above 10.00, looking for it to push higher

OBCI: Continued it’s recent run, having more than 6x it’s average volume, resulting in a strong day. Has gained 116% over the past week, looking for a strong continuation of that move heading into next week,

NYMX: Another consistent gainer today, closing just shy of the 4.00. Watching for a surge past its current resistance point, if that takes place, 4.60 is expected

VERI: Yet another run today, maintaining it’s 3m long surge, where its seen 836% gained over that time. Fast approaching 20.00, has the potential to reach that mark tomorrow.

ELA: A long term gainer that’s seen it slowly accumulate 264% gained in the past year, on a consistent chart. Climbed today, but struggled to pass 5.00, failing to do so before the market closed. Expecting another attempt to take place tomorrow

RAD: An excellent gainer today, after announcing a narrow loss and higher revenue report. On watch tomorrow for a continued climb, and the start of a long term uptrend

CTXR: Ran throughout the day on both the expectations of the companies Virtual Conference and climbed even further in Afterhours after solid news came from the conference. Looking for a premarket continuation

CRDF: A long term gainer that maintained it’s 3m trend, where it gained nearly 500% over that time. One of the top stocks that will be on the radar for next week, looking for it to hold over 5.00 to continue north

EKSO: Absolutely flew throughout the day and after-hours after receiving FDA clearance to use Robotic Exoskeletons. Had massive volume, watching early morning for any sell-offs or a continuation to take place.

WKHS: Has nearly doubled in share value over the past week, and nearly 400% over the past 3m. Performed well early on, before falling due to its presentation. Fought its way back heading into the close, looking for it to retest and surpass 10.00
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