June 1, 2021

June 2nd Watchlist

VTNR: Started the day off well, soaring over 10.00 briefly before pulling back. Has had an excellent run in recent days, looking for another surge over 10.00

JILL: An under-the-radar stock that continues to soar, consistently climbing, gaining 136% over the past month, with an excellent chart. Looking for 25.00 in the near future

AMPY: Had a solid day, completing the cup and handle pattern that it’s been attempting for the past month, gaining nearly 50% over that time. Strong resistance at 4.00, on the radar, for it to surpass that mark

BBW: Took off early morning, nearly reaching 20.00 during the spike before pulling back hard. Has excellent momentum in recent months, expecting 20.00 to be tested again shortly

UXIN: Has been an excellent gainer recently, up more than 40% over the past week. And nearly 300% over the past 3m. Expecting 5.00 shortly

EDRY: Steadily climbed throughout most of the day. Up more than 70% over the past month and nearly 200% over the past 3m. 25.00+ pt in place

OEG: Performed extremely well throughout the day, amassing more than 100%, consistently holding its gains throughout the day. On the radar for a second run to take place tomorrow

NTZ: Had yet another excellent day, surging throughout the day and closing strong, just shy of its high of the day. Has nearly doubled in share value over the past 3m, and a monstrous 2869% over the past year. Expecting a long term run

PFMT: Had another great day, adding to its 45% gained over the past week and more than 175% over the past 3m. 4.00 in sight, expecting that price to be reached and surpassed this week

AINC: Continues to have a monster run despite its lower volume, with today’s amazing run pushing its past week gains to nearly 70% and 187% over the past month. 30.00 pt in place

SESN: Had a great climb throughout the day. Finishing the day on a strong push into close. Set a new 52 week high, would like to see 4.50+ shortly

LIVE: A very low volume stock that’s had an excellent run, gaining nearly 100% over the past month and 467% over the past year. Fully expecting 65.00+ shortly

NTP: Has been a phenomenal stock, consistently gaining over the past few months, including 129% over the past month. Testing 30.00, looking for its momentum to push it past that mark and higher

AMC: Its pump continues, surging throughout the day and into Afterhours. Up more than 175% over the past month, would like to see 40.00+ shortly.

GSM: A long-term gainer that’s amassed nearly 700% over the past year. At its 52 week high, 6.50 long term pt in place

PLXP: Has been a great long-term gainer, up 45% over the past month and 333% over the past year. At its 52 week high, looking for 17.50+ before EOW

MITO: Spiked in afterhours, leading all gainers, on news that it’s received orphan drug designation. On the radar for a second run tomorrow

MOSY: Looking for today’s large run to continue its momentum to its previous 52 week high, which is insight.
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