June 29, 2021

June 30th Watchlist

CERE: Had a fantastic day, running hard throughout the day and closing strong. Briefly surpassed 30.00 before pulling back, watching closely tomorrow
UTSI: Took off in after-hours, bringing it to 2.00. A lower volume stock that had good momentum today, on the radar for a continuation north in the morning
NTLA: Performed well today, maintaining a steady uptrend and closing strong. Has nearly doubled in share value over the past weeks time, expecting its long term surge to continue
BAOS: Had a great day early on, pushing over 4.00 before pulling back and then dipping heading into close. Showing signs of curling north from its previous pullback, would like to see another push over 4.00
JKS: Has been great over the past weeks time, reaching higher near-daily recently, bringing its past week gains to over 50%. Has the potential to continue its move over 60.00 shortly
AUUD: Had a fantastic day, maintaining its recent run that’s amassed 121% over the past weeks time. Has excellent momentum and climbing near-daily, would like to see 9.00+ again in the coming days
WEI: Steadily uptrended from the beginning of the day until the end, and continuing north in AH, ending the day with massive gains. 2.00 up ahead, watching for its momentum to potentially carry it to and over that price point
PBTS: A monstrous day for the stock, holding a consistent surge and closing at its HOD, doubling in share value. Continued its push north in AH, on the radar for 4.00+ shortly if its momentum holds
HOL: Put up more than 3x its average volume, carrying it to a great day and a strong close, after news of it urging stockholders to vote Today in support of business combo with Astra Space. Watching closely for a larger run to take place
PTN: A penny stock that soared, climbing all day and closing strong with great momentum in comparison to its average. Watching this week for a potential continuation as it approaches 1.00
XELA: Started the day off very well, pulled back, and recovered nicely heading into close, maintaining its surge in after-hours, ending over 3.00. On watch in tomorrows PM
VTNR: Led all After-hours gainers after news that it’s sold its motor oil and recycling assets to Clean harbors for $140m. Potential for a continued run tomorrow morning, on the radar
BSQR: Had an enormous run today, surpassing 200% gained and holding just about all of its gains heading into close, an excellent feat. Pulled back slightly in Afterhours, would like to see it take off again tomorrow, watching.
MRIN: The best performer on the market in recent days, continued its ridiculous run north today, bringing its past week gains to more than 700%. Approaching 20.00, has the possibility of easily surpassing that and maintaining its move north
VERB: Had a great day, after news of a $4.00/share PT by ascendant capital. Took off in after-hours, going as far as surpassing 2.00 briefly before a minor pullback. Watching for potential continued push towards that pt.
AVGR: Put up large volume today compared to its average, leading to a big gain today. Has more work to do to continue its recovery, watching this week for a potential continuation back to 2.00
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