June 29, 2020

June 30th Watchlist

WKHS: Continued it’s excellent run today as the hype continues to surround this stock. Has gained over 160% over the past week and a massive 466% over the past month. Surpassed 15.00 in AH, looking for a continuation

ELA: A long term gainer that’s put up 63% over t he past month and 145% over the past 3m. Performed well today, setting another new 52 week high, look for it to surpass 6.00 to continue north

FUV: Up 143% over the past month and 369% over the past 3m. Maintained it’s uptrend today, looking for 6.00+ by midweek

THM: Performed great today, surging throughout the day and closing strong. Up nearly 300% over the past 3m, expecting a continuation to 2.00 in the near future

SUMR: A very low volume stock that’s quietly been performing extremely well since Feb., including gaining 250% over the past 3m. Looking for it’s under the radar march north to continue

BLNK: Steadily climbed throughout the day, surged heading into close and then flying in afterhours due to solid Ah pr. Plenty of volume and hype surround the stock, expecting a continued uptrend this week

RNET: Had a decent uptrend throughout the day, had a solid spike in afterhours, briefly surpassing 2.00 before coming back down. Looking for another attempt to climb and hold over that mark Tomorrow

GENE: Spiked early morning before growing stagnant during the day. Picked up steam in the final few hours of the market day to close strong. Needs to surpass 2.52 to continue north

AEY: Has gained nearly 40% over the past week, Including today’s climb. Resistance at 4.00, watching for it to climb to that mark in the near future

SPR: An extremely consistent gainer today, approaching it’s consolidation area of 27.20 again. On watch this week

PLUG: Ran early morning before running into a strong 8.00 wall that denied it the entire rest of the day. Has gained 44% over the past week and 88% over the past month. History shows it’ll have the strength to surpass 8.00 and continue north

CANF: Performed a Cup and handle pattern within a 9 hour time period, experiencing an excellent run to close a day. Had another solid climb in AH, looking for a continuation

CBLI: Had a massive collapse today after unfortunate news, looking for a short term Premarket and early morning rebound tomorrow

VBIV: Had a small gain today but continued it’s impressive uptrend, where it’s currently gained 236% over the past 3m. Expecting a climb to 3.50 in the near future

AWH: Had a large pullback today, as it was overdue for one considering it’s exceptional long term run it had. Needs to hold over 4.00 to begin it’s reversal, watching tomorrow
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