June 6, 2022

June 3rd Watchlist

BITF: Performed well today with great volume, bringing its past week gains to more than 50%. Has great recent momentum, expecting it to push higher
CAN: Had another solid climb today, briefly surpassing 10.00 before pulling back to that mark. Up 30% over the past week and put up great volume today, on the radar this week
FTFT: Started the day off well, nearly touching 4.00 in PM before sliding throughout the day. Looking for a small secondary run to take place shortly
MVST: Pushed north throughout the day, continuing a long-term uptrend that’s caused the stock to amass nearly 60% over the past week. Has fantastic recent momentum as it rebounds from a pullback, potential for 15.00+
WORX: Ran in PM, and continued that positive move at open, triggering a halt that interrupted its climb. Still reached as high as 5.00 before pulling back, on huge volume, looking for the momentum that’s caused it to gain nearly 150% over the past month to push it higher.
GNOG: Led all gainers today due to announcing 1.56 B Acquisition by Draftkings. Watching this week for any further news
CXDC: Took off midday and continued its run into close, surpassing 1.00 for the first time in a long while. Has amassed more than 200% over the past weeks time with a great chart, potential to push higher this week
ANY: Had another big day, running to over 6.50 midday(setting a new 52 week high) before sliding throughout the rest of the day. Has amassed 237% over the past 3m with a fantastic chart, expecting another push over 6.00 shortly
NTP: A low volume stock that put up modest gains and held its climb into close. Could see a under the radar climb continue if 25.00+ is surpassed, watching
BDR: Ran hard early morning, nearly touching 2.00 before pulling back hard, ending the day red. Strong resistance at that 2.00 mark, on watch for another attempt to surpass it shortly.
BTBT: Started great, touching our 20.00 pt and continuing its recent run before declining hard, ending the day red. Up 200% over the past month, on the radar for a rebound to take place
NCTY: Flew for the first half of the day, surpassing 18.00 before its decline. Up more than 50% over the past week, would like to see its uptrend continue
PFMT: Added minor gains today, but nearly tested its previous 52 week high. Up more than 700% over the past year, if 5.30+ is surpassed, potential for its uptrend to restart
DYNT: A generally lower volume stock that had a fantastic AH after Reporting favorable reaction to product changes. Ended AH on a high note, its momentum could continue in PM
CRTX: Had a massive day, bringing its past week gains to more than 70% and setting a new 52 week high. Struggled to break that 100.00 wall, if it comes down, could see it continue to fly
MRNA: Continues to head north, setting another new 52 week high today and bringing it within striking distance of our 500.00 pt. Has amassed 108% over the past month, expecting it to climb over 500.00 shortly
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