June 7, 2022

June 8th Watchlist

CLVR: Maintained a steady climb throughout the day, closing at it’s HOD, despite it’s concerning volume, putting up less then 1/10 it’s average. Has momentum though, could see a continuation this week

TISI: A lower volume stock that performed very well today, consistently uptrending and closing well. Continues to leave 1.00 behind, after surpassing it in mid-May, could see 1.50+ shortly

GME: Steadily climbed early morning and maintained that push north throughout the day, surging heading into close. Briefly tested 150.00 before pulling back, would like to see another attempt to surpass that mark in the near future

BTU: Spiked hard early morning, bouncing off 30.00 before mellowing out for the rest of the day. Has a minor uptrend over the past month, gaining nearly 30% with a decent chart, on watch for another attempt to surpass 30.00 in the upcoming days

HUSA: Had a fantastic day, spiking early morning and continuing that positive move throughout the day, with strong volume and closing over 7.00. Up more then 70% over the past month, with most of that coming since late may, expecting a continuation north

LPI: Continued it’s recent near daily uptrend, with todays upward move adding to it’s nearly 40% gained over the past week. Set a new 52 week high today, looking for 120.00+ in the very near future

PBF: Performed well today, with todays surgee adding to is 120% amassed over the past 3m with a strong chart. Set a new 52 week high, expecting it’s long term move north to continue

CVI: Steadily climbed throughout the day, maintaining it’s move into close. Has gained nearly 140% over the past 3m with consistent momentum, expecting 45.00+ shortly

ESTE: A positive mover in recent weeks, gaining 44% over the past month with a steady chart over that time. Set a new 52 week high late in the day, expecting a continued climb.

SD: Continues its long term climb, currently up 42% over the past month and 81% over the past 3m. Set another new 52 week high today, fully expecting it to surpass 30.00 in the coming days.

CEIX: An underrated stock that’s had a slow but steady uptrend that’s caused it to gain 250% over the past year. Another stock that reached a near 52 week high, 60.00 in sight.

AUVI: Absolutely soared today, doubling in value and continuing it’s positive move in Ah. Put up great volume today, potential for a second run to take place, on the radar in PM

AXDX: Consistently surged throughout the day, putting up great volume and closing strong. No news to accopany the run, on watch in PM to see if the momentum carries it higher.

RDBX: Had a big day, consistently uptrening throughout the day and continuing north in AH. Has been fantastic since mid May, on watch for it to potentially test 10.00 shortly

QUBT: Continues its excellent recent run, nearly surpassing 4.00, and adding to its 75% amassed over the past weeks time. Has fantastic momentum recently, could see it push higher this week
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