June 15, 2020

June 9th Watchlist

WORK: Announced they signed a new 5 year customer contract valued at 4.6 mil. Looking for the positive news to cause a contiuation

BAS: Steady gainer today, closing strong. 2.80 pt in place

CVM: Consistently climbed throughout the day, looking for this run to be the start of a recovery. Needs to surpass 5.00 to continue

ALNA: Announced positive results of its study, causing a strong climb today. 5.50 next pt in place

OESX: Has gained nearly 300% since the new year. Set another new 52 week high today, 3.00 short term pt.

MLNT: Steady gainer today, surging heading into close. Looking for it to hold over 2.50 early morning before continuing its run

APPS: Has maintained its long term climb, reaching and surpassing our 4.20 pt given several months ago. 5.45 new long term pt in place

RWLK: Had a monster Afterhours after fda clearance. Watching for a pm dip before it continues past 10.00

KEG,GHSI,SOLY: Gainers on watch for continations

ATIS,VISL,NK: Rebound Candidates
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