June 9, 2019

June Uptrending Stocks Watchlist


AUG: Has been a rather slow but consistent gainer over the past 3 months, gaining more then 50% over that time. Looks like more room left to climb, once it has surpassed 2.00, 2.50 pt in place

KIQ(+116% past 3m): Has climbed over 100% over the past 3 months, despite being a lower volume stock. Looking for it to test 1.50 again, if it breaks it, expect a continuation north

CVRS(+221% past year): Has had a big year, maintaining a long term uptrend over that time. Approaching 3.00 again, if it surpasses it, expect a continuation

OESX(+170% past 3m): Has been a huge gainer in recent weeks, briefly testing it’s 3.00 resistance before falling. Expecting another test of that mark in the coming days

RAVE(+135% past 3m): Has had a great few months, recently recovered from a large pullback. Testing 3.00, including briefly climbing over it on Friday, watching for another attempt to surpass it

TMQ(+76% past year): A very long term, steady grower, gaining over 1000% over the last 2 and a half years. 3.50 next long term pt. in place


AVP(+131% past year): Has had a huge uptrend since the new year. 4.00 resistance approaching quickly, expecting a break of that mark this week

FSI(+70% past 3m): Has more than doubled its share price since the new year with a relatively steady climb,. Very low volumed stock, 4.00 pt in place


APPS(+182% past year): A great long term gainer, has steadily increased its value over the last 2 and a half years. 5.00 expected this week, a 6.50 by eoy

CFMS(+281% past 3m): Has had a huge surge in recent months after a series of positive news. 5.00+ expected this week

PRVB(+132% past 3m): Has been an excellent gainer in recent months, Currently at it’s the highest point in nearly a years time. A large 8.00 pt in place

CHMA(+417% past year): One of the largest gainers over the past year. Set a new 52 week high on Friday. 10.00 pt in place due to the strength of its an uptrend

GSB(+159% past 3 year): A very consistent gainer, with little to no pullbacks over the last few months. Approaching 10, fully expecting it to surpass that mark

IDN(+126% past 3m): A very low average volume stock, IDN has had incredible success in recent months. Needs to hold over 6.00 early this week, expecting a climb to 7.50+

ZYXI(+81% past 3m): Hit the stock market in Feb. and has taken off since then. 10.00 approaching soon. Bright future for this stock


PAYS(+222% past year): Has been on the market for less than a year and yet has more than tripled it share price since the new year. Bright future for this stock, expecting a continuation to 15.00

ENPH(+210% past year): Has had a great half a year, with an incredibly steady uptrend over time. 20.00 approaching soon.

ADVM(+153% past 3m): Has gained over 50% each month over the last 3 months. Surpassed 10.00 recently and easily, looking for a continuation to 12.50 this week

RCM(+388% past 5 years): Hit the market 2 and a half years ago and has been a huge consistent gainer over that time period. Set up for an excellent future, 15.00 pt in place

GLDD(+101% past year): Steady gainer over the past year, erasing pullbacks and pushing higher. Surpassed 10.00, struggling with a 11.00 wall, watching for it to break that mark

AVDL,NOVN, SESN,WPRT,CMRX,EVER,EVRI,CSPI, CYRX: Stocks potentially set up as future Swings
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