December 24, 2018

Late December Uptrending Stocks

AUTO(+44% past month): Took off near the beginning of this month, having a continuation to that climb last week. Watching over 3.00

CJJD(+41% past 3 months): Slow and erratic climb, needs to break over 2.40 for the move to continue

CIG(+88% past 3m): Had a Large spike early Oct. Continues to slowly climb since then. Over 3.35 atm, watch for it to hold over that.

IMMY(+182% Past year): Decent uptrend over the last year that’s been interrupted last week. Watching for a reversal if 4.50 holds
AMSC(+162% past year): A recent massive gainer that suffered last week. Watching for 9.20 to hold as its bottom

XBIT(+133% past 3m): Huge run continues since its 52 week low of 2.13. A large surge took place last week, would like to see it continue, 7.50 next pt.

DWT(+220% past 3m): Excellent climb continues, $20 pt set before eoy.

WTID(+215% past 3m): On the same wavelength as dwt, expecting it to break over 20 and continue its climb

(+115% past 3m): Maintained a very solid climb recently as it follows the movement of the market. Room left to recover, $20 pt.

SMDD(+91% past 3m): Simply a cheaper version of TZA, allowing for more shares to be bought. Lower volume as well, solid option

GFI,MRIN,AMSC,GOL,LVFN,AU: Stocks to watch for breakouts.
As Christmas rolls around, many stocks are taking large dives. Gravitate towards the stocks that bet on bear markets(TZA,SMDD, ECT.) As they have a lot of strength over the past weeks and months and should carry that into tax season next year
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