May 27, 2019

Late May/Early June Swings and Uptrending Stocks


KIQ(+122% past 3m): A low volume stock that has had a very nice few months, surpassing 1.00 over that time. Looking for it to recover from its pullback and attempt to break 1.60


CVRS(+218% past year): Has maintained a jagged uptrend up until recently, where it suffered a large pullback. Watching for another test of 3.00, if it breaks it, expecting a continuation

NOVN(+193% past month): Has had a phenomenal few weeks, having a steady climb over that time. Has nearly come all the way back from its large fall half a year ago. Watching past 2.50

QRHC(+79% past 3m): Consistent gainer, has doubled in share price since the new year. Set a new 52 week high on friday, needs to surpass 3.00 and hold over it for it to continue north

RAVE(+140% past 3m): A very low volume stock that has quietly grown in value over the past few months.Hit a 3.00 wall last week, looking for it to test it again this week

SESN(+148% past 3m): Very nice chart over the past month, rapidly gaining value over that time. Looking for it to hold over 2.00 early this week before continuing north

TMQ(+114% past year): Continues to be a great set and forget stock, as it slowly but steadily increases its value. 3.50 pt. in place by EOY

APPS(+125% past year): Similar to TMQ, this has been excellent gainer over the past 2.5 years. Our 4.25 pt. is near, expecting it to reach that mark shortly

BTN(+93% past 3m): Has had a very solid chart in recent months, despite it extremely low volume. Would like to see the uptrend continue as the stock recovers, 4.00 next pt.

REFR(+265% past year): Has been a great gainer over the past year, with a perfect chart for swing trading. Relatively low volume stock, expecting it to continue its recovery to 4.50

CVM: A long term gainer that hit a large amount of resistance at 8.00 recently. Watching for another surge, as it looks primed to begin a recovery

ADVM(+132% past 3m): Has steadily crept north since late January, 10.00 approaching quickly. If it climbs past it, expect it to continue

ARQL(124% past 3m): A large gainer recently, as it reaches all-time highs. Has gained over 400% in nearly 2 years. Large 10.00 pt in place

CHMA(+324% past year): Took off in August of last year and hasn’t slowed down since. 10.00 pt in place, as the stock continues to climb

GSB(+97% past 3m): A very low volume stock that has quietly been a near daily gainer, with a very long term uptrend. 10.00 pt remains intact


RCM(+358% past 2 years): A set and forget stock, RCM has slowly but surely made its way north since the moment it made its way on the stock market. Remains a buy

ZYNE(+168% past 3m): Has recently taken off after years of down trending. Looking for it to test its 52 week high of 16.50 in the coming days

RDVT(+78% past month): A stock set up with a bright future, although currently under the radar. 15.00 first pt. in place, expecting it to surpass it
CODA,LMB,EVER: Stocks on watch to become swings
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