May 23, 2021

Late May swings and uptrending stocks


TGA: Has performed very well over the past half year, gaining more than 220% since mid-october. Nearing its previous 52 week high, looking for another test of 2.00 this week

URG: Up nearly 200% since October, including 50% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high last week, looking for a continuation north


ARPO: Added more than 70% last week. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, potential to continue north this week

CTXR: Had a solid uptrend last week, adding nearly 20% with a steady chart. Has a 2.50 wall in place that’s been in place for over 3 months, needs volume to finally carry it over that mark

PFMT: Performed well to finish out the week, surging to its highest point in over a month and bringing it to within sight of its previous 52 week high. Would like to see 3.00 in the coming days


AMPY: Had a solid week, adding to its 50% gained steadily over the past month, and maintaining its cup and handle pattern. Expecting a continuation to 4.00 to take place

BBIG: Had a great week, punctuated by a strong run on Friday, pushing it over 50% gained for the week. Briefly surpassed 4.00 before pulling back, looking for another attempt to climb and hold over that price this week

BKEP: A lower volume stock that’s slowly but consistently climbed over the past half-year, amassing 75% over the past 3m, and nearly 200% since Nov. 4.00 approaching, expecting it to maintain its long term uptrend over that price point

TTI: Has been a massive gainer in recent months, putting up over 700% since the new year. Set another new 52 week high last week, on the radar for it to climb higher

UXIN: Steadily climbed last week, gaining a modest 26%, adding to its near 200% gain over the past month with a strong chart over that time. Set a daily new 52 week high last week, expecting a continuation north


DSX: Took off in early November and has ran had since then, amassing nearly 200% over that time. Within pennies of it’s 52 week high, needs to surpass 4.50 to continue north

EVC: A long term gainer that’s running hard since the beginning of Oct., putting up nearly 250% since then. Surged higher on Friday, surpassing 4.50 and setting a new 52 week high, watching for a continuation north

GSM: Has absolutely soared in recent months, gaining nearly 500% since late November. Set a new 52 week high early last week, surpassing 5.00 briefly before pulling back, on the radar for 5.00+ again this week

QRHC: A low volume stock that added 40% last week, rebounding nicely from a brief pullback and setting a new 52 week high. Has momentum, potential to continue its uptrend to 5.00 this week

WISA: Had a strong week, gaining more than 20% consistently and adding to its 80% added over the past month. Its previous 52 week high+5.00 wall is within sight, has the momentum to reach it this week


BBW: An excellent gainer that’s steadily climbed its way to nearly 400% gain over the past year. Testing 10.00 recently, if that wall comes down, on the radar for it to continue its uptrend.

CX: A long-term slow gainer that’s steadily accumulated nearly 300% over the past year. Long term 10.00 pt in place

EMKR: Up 50% over the past month, including more than 20% last week. Creeping towards 10.00, which it’s not reached since 2017, watching closely

HMHC: Has had a great past year, putting up 600% over that time, much of that coming in recent months. has decent volume, expecting another test of 10.00 shortly

LXU:Has had an excellent long-term climb, which’s added more than 475% over the past year, despite its relatively low volume. Resistance at 6.60, on the radar for it to test that price shortly, if it surpasses it, potential to continue to 7.00

PDSB: One of the best swing stocks recently, steadily adding 75% last week with a beautiful chart, setting a new 52 week high. Up 700% over the past year, 10.00 potentially by EOM

RCON: A previously excellent gainer that’s put up 233% over the past 3m. Having trouble with thee 10.00 wall looming ahead, on the radar for another test of that price point

SMMT: Had a great week, gaining more than 50%, and continuing a sudden recovery. Watching for 9.50+ early this week


INSE: Had a great week, adding 50% and finishing out the week on a high note. Fast approaching its previous 52 week high, set in mid-March. Has great momentum, expecting 12.00 early this week

FLNG: A very low volume, steady gainer that’s consistently climbed over the past year, gaining more than 200% over that time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, long-term 20.00 pt in place in the next few months.

STKS: Has more than doubled its hare value over the past 3m, with a relatively consistent climb over that time. Has put up 600% over the past year, despite its low volume. Needs to hold over 10.00 to continue north

MOXC: Has been an excellent performer, its 30%+ gain last week adding to its 177% over the past month and nearly 400% gain over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum, expecting a continuation this week

BBQ: A generally low volume stock that’s made big moves of late, having a strong past week, adding 33%, and rebounding from its recent pullback. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, expecting it to continue its push north

JILL: A lower volume stock that’s had an extremely under-the-radar run, gaining nearly 30% last week, adding to its 120% gain over the past month with a great chart over that time. Setting new daily 52 week highs of late, 20.00 pt in place

NTP,XXII, MFIN, PLXP, INTT, FLL, GRCL, RRD, VRAY, UPST, HIMS, LFMD, EDRY, GTBP: Stocks on watch to become good swings
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