November 22, 2020

Late November Swings and Uptrending Stocks

DTEA: A slow but steady gainer which has put up 25% over the past week. At it’s highest point over the past 3m, expecting It’s Uptrend to continue

SND: A low volume gainer with a strong Uptrend over the past month, gaining 35% over that time. 2.00 expected in the near future

XXII: Had an excellent week, gaining 70%. Reached 1.80 on Friday before declining throughout the day. Watching for it to return to its previous levels and test 2.00 shortly
ETM: Currently up 31% over the past week and 73% over the past months time. Has reached it’s highest point since June, expecting this recovery to continue.

INFI: Had a solid week, gaining 23%, adding to its 76% gained over the past month. Surpassed 2.00, looking for it to push higher

MHLD: Steadily climbed last week, gaining nearly 70%, and doubling it’s past month gains. Currently at it’s 52 week high, expecting a continuation this week.

NMCI: Had another solid green week, adding to its 64% gained over the past month and nearly 200% gained over the past 3 month. Resistance at 2.45, watching for it to push past that and continue north

TOUR: Had another massive run last week, gaining nearly 60%, causing the stock to double in the past 2 weeks. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for it to surpass 3.00 soon this week

SJT: Surged 40% over the past month, despite being a very low volume stock. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, needs to surpass 4.00 for it to continue it’s run.

WPRT: Had another big week, gaining more then 30%, setting a new 52 week high, and adding to its more then 80% gained over the past week. 4.00 pt. In place

IDRA: Had a great week finished off by a strong Friday, nearly reaching 5.00 before pulling back. Has nearly doubled in share value over the past month. Looking for another attempt to reach and surpass 5.00

MFIN: Up 91% over the past month. Had a solid Uptrend last week, 5.00 in sight, expecting it to be reached in the near future

SUP: Had a phenomenal week (+56%), adding to its phenomenal month(+238%), leading to massive gains recently. Currently at it’s 52 week high, expecting it to surpass 5.00 and Continue north

FCEL: Had a massive week, nearly doubling in share value, as well as setting a new 52 week high, adding to its 138% gained over the past week. Resistance at 6.00, watching for it to reach and surpass that mark

HBM: A slow but steady gainer that’s put up 13% over the past week and 31% over the past month. Has slowly marched north since mid March, setting a new 52 week high. Needs to surpass 6.00 to maintain it’s Uptrend

OIIM: A long term gainer, currently up 350% over the past year, running hard over the past half year. Expecting this low volume stock to continue to climb under the radar.
ZDGE, PRTY, SMTX, BGFV, NTZ, SOL: Stocks on watch to become solid swings
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