March 10, 2021

March 11th Watchlist

SINO: Performed excellently today, steadily climbing throughout and holding it’s gains into close. Has had a steep decline recently after a long term uptrend, on the radar for a recovery to begin

NK: Maintaining it’s momentum as it continues it’s rebound, up 45% over the past week. A great cup and handle pattern has formed, needs to surpass 40.00 to complete it

NM: Steadily climbed throughout the day, stopping short of surpassing 8.00. At it’s previous resistance, currently up 220% over the past month, expecting a continuation

CLNE: Had a healthy climb today after weeks of declining. Would like to see it’s rebound continue back to 15.00 in the near future

ANTE: Spiked early morning, soaing to 5.50 before severely pulling back. Watching for a secondary run to take place tomorrow

AVEO: Spiked late in the day, nearly doubling before close, and continuing in afterhours on news of FDA approval. Settled at 20.00, looking for a continuation north in the AM

KOSS: Ran early morning, spiking as high as 40.00 before pulling back. On the radar to continue to push higher

ALIM: A lower volume stock that performed very well today, nearly reaching 10.00 in afterhours.

NVFY: Led all gainers in afterhours on massive volume compared to its average, roughly 15x more. Surpassed 5.00, needs to hold over that mark to continue north tomorrow

SIEB: Ran hard in afterhours, briefly testing 8.50, after reporting postive 2020 year end results. Looking for a secondary run to take place in PM
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