March 11, 2021

March 12th Watchlist

CAN: Had another excellent day, consistently climbing and closing very strong. Has amassed 77% over the past week and 340% over the past month. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting 40.00 in the near future

TIGR: Maintained its uptrend throughout the day, ending its recent downtrend. Potential start to its recovery, would like to see its climb continue over 25.00.

LX: Rebounding nicely today, surging throughout and closing strong. Has great momentum, 15.00 pt in place for the near future

XXII: Climbed well throughout the day, after a steep recent downtrend. Approaching 3.00, watching for its recovery to continue over that mark

TRCH: Performed extremely well, climbing fast throughout the day and continuing in after hours, amassing nearly another 20% and pushing over 3.00. On the radar to continue north

NNDM: Continued the great recovery that it’s had recently, with today’s climb bringing its past week gains over 40%. Watching for its recent run to continue

NCTY: Climbed back over 60.00 today, bringing it to 42% gained over the past week. Strong cup and handle pattern forming over the past month, a lot of room left to recover if it holds its current momentum

MOGO: Had a great uptrend throughout the day, surpassing 9.00 in after hours. On the radar for another test of 10.00 to take place in the near future

RIOT: Up more than 40% over the past week, would like to see it surpass 70.00 early next week, needs bitcoin to continue to climb for its momentum to be maintained

GEVO: Has amassed more than 40% over the past week, has great momentum as it recovers with the market, looking for 10.00+ shortly

ENTX: Had a massive climb throughout the day, nearly reaching 8.00 early morning before pulling back, with huge volume. Surged again in afrerhours, watching in Premarket for a second run to take place

CFRX: A generally low volume stock that had a massive climb today, that continued into after hours, finishing up more than 8.50. Has put up nearly 80% over the past weeks time

KOPN : Surged throughout the day to finish with modest gains as well as surpassing and holding over 10.00. Watching for its recovery to bring it back to 12.50+ next week

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