March 14, 2021

March 15th Watchlist

ENTX: Had a massive climb last week, gaining more than 360%, including flying on Friday, going as high as 10.00 before pulling back. Has insane momentum and volume, looking for a continuation this week

EYES: Soared on Friday, spiking midday to close the day out on a high note. Repeatedly Spiked last week, has the potential for another run to 20.00 to take place this week, on the radar

GME: A stock that’s had crazy movement in past months, has taken off again over the past month, putting up more than 400% over that time, including briefly testing 300.00 on Friday. Has momentum, expecting another run to take place this week

RYB: Performed excellently last week, adding more than 85% with a consistent chart and closing out the week on a high note, setting another new 52 week high. If 6.00 is passed this week, expecting another surge north for this low volume stock

CAN: Surged again last week, putting up 75%, adding to its ridiculous 927% gained over the past 3m, smashing through each of our pts and setting a new 52 week high on Friday before pulling back. Looking for another test of 40.00 this week

SINO: Has rebounded nicely over the past week, gaining nearly 70% with a strong chart. Has great momentum, look its recovery to continue back to 10.00 this week

SALM: A long-term gainer that set another 52 week high on Friday, bringing its past 3m gains to over 220%. Has excellent momentum, expecting another test of 4.00 and for it to climb over that mark

AMTX: Has been a massive gainer, putting up 825% over the past 3m, including 184% over the past month. Had a big run on Friday, surpassing 20.00 and setting another new 52 week high, expecting it to continue north this week

SQBG: A very low volume stock that’s put up 65% over the past week, and more than 300% over the past year. At its 52 week high, expecting its quiet uptrend to continue over 30.00 this week

PFMT: Had a great week, putting up nearly 60% and bringing its past 3m gains to more than 150% with a predictable chart. Testing 2.00, on watch for a, continued run once that mark is surpassed

NNDM: Up nearly 50% last week, consistently climbing as it recovers from a previously extended downtrend. Has excellent momentum, looking for it to surpass 12.50 this week on its way back to its previous high.

TMST: Has more than doubled in share value over the past month, setting another new 52 week high on Friday. Has excellent momentum and no signs of slowing, looking for its surge to continue

YELL: Added a strong 62% to its share price last week, going as far as to surpass 10.00 and set a new 52 week high on Friday before pulling back. Watching this week for another climb and continuation past 10.00

SEEL: Has amassed 335% over the past 3m, with a strong surge last week adding 73%. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, watching for another attempt to climb over 5.00 and maintain its momentum

TTI: Has amassed 270% over the past 3m with a great chart over that time. Has excellent momentum in recent months, pushing it to more than 550% gained over the past year. Tested 3.00 on Friday, expecting that to be pushed past this week and for it to continue its great run.

NMCI: A fantastic under-the-radar gainer that’s put up 813% over the past year, with much of that coming since last September. Has been an excellent stock over that time, fully expecting 10.00 to be reached in the coming weeks
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