March 15, 2021

March 16th Watchlist

ZKIN: Had a strong climb today, steadily uptrending and closing at its HOD, with great volume relative to its average. Has momentum, on the radar for it to continue its recovery back to 10.00+

GRPO: Continued its recent uptrend, bringing its past week gains to more than 50%, and setting new 52 week high. Shows no signs of slowing, expecting a continuation this week

SOS: Spiked early morning before pulling back, halting its run. Has still put up insane volume recently, watching for another run to take place in the near future

NM: Consistently climbed throughout the day, bringing its past 3m gains to over 300%. Continues to push higher despite its Relatively low volume, fast approaching 10.00, expecting that mark to be reached shortly

UUUU: Set another new 52 week high, steadily climbing throughout the day. Has gained more than 400% since the start of last November, watching for its surge to continue north

MOGO: Put up solid gains today, surpassing 10.00 and maintaining its uptrend. Has great momentum and approaching its 52 week high, would like to see it continue north

INOD: A long-term gainer that’s put up 779% over the past year, including 64% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, watching for a continuation to 10.00 shortly

NTN: Announced Merger with Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics, spiking over 7.00 in AH. Potential for a maintained uptrend from today’s news

ANCN: Announced shareholder approval of Merger with Chemomab, sending the stock flying in after-hours. On watch in PM for another spike to take place

ENZ: Soared in AH after announcing CEO has stepped down & positive 2Q Revenue. Watching for the news to carry it higher

SGLB: Led all gainers today with massive volume after announcing a contract with Lockheed for PrintRite3D. Has pulled back since peaking near 10.00, watching for a second run to take place

OCG: Took off early morning and maintained its impressive run throughout the day, closing just shy of its HOD. Would like to see a test of 10.00 take place tomorrow morning

TKAT: Had a modest climb throughout much of the day before spiking heading into the close, finishing the day up more than 100%. Pulled back some in after hours, looking for that late in the day momentum to carry it higher

NMCI: A low volume stock that continues to climb, climbing steadily on a regular basis to nearly 850% gained over the past year. Approaching 10.00, expecting that mark to be reached early this week

AMRS: Flew early morning before growing stagnant. Has still maintained its recent momentum, bringing its past 3m gains to nearly 600%. Would like to see 25.00 in the near future
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