March 22, 2021

March 22nd Watchlist

ORGO: Had a strong climb today, maintaining its recent momentum and setting a new 52 week high. Up nearly 250% over the past 3m and surpassed 20.00, looking for a continuation

AMTX: Performed well throughout the day, and continued into after-hours, ending the day on a high note. Has amassed 161% over the past month’s time, and more than 840% over the past 3m. Expecting 25.00+

HIMX: Took off early morning and continued throughout the day, putting together a solid day as it continues to recover from its pullback. Briefly tested 15.00 today, on the radar for another attempt to surpass that mark

NM: An excellent long-term, under-the-radar gainer that’s added more than 500% over the past 3m, including more than 40% over the past week. Has excellent momentum, watching for 15.00+ this week

SPRT: Took off in PM after merger deal announced, nearly reaching 10.00 during the day before pulling back. On the radar for a second spike to take place

TKAT: Had a phenomenal day, steadily climbing throughout the day, closing strong and continuing its uptrend in after-hours. Has accumulated a ridiculous 567% over the past week, looking for its run to Continue

JFIN: Had an excellent run today, taking off early morning and maintaining its climb throughout the day, closing shy of surpassing 15.00. Up more than 200% over the past week, watching for its momentum to carry it higher

AVGR: Consistently climbed throughout the day, stopping short of surpassing 2.00. Needs to surpass that mark again to continue north to its 2.30 resistance.

ZKIN: Ran hard today, surpassing 13.00 briefly before pulling back. Has gained 41% over the past week, adding to its 461% gain over the past 3m. Expecting a continuation north this week

AMRS: Had another excellent climb today, rebounding from its minor pullback and nearly setting another new 52 week high. Has amassed 366% over the past 3m, looking for 25.00+ this week

RCON: Has performed excellently in recent months with today’s large climb bringing it over 315% gain over the past 3m with a great chart and within striking distance of its 52 week high. Had several times its average volume today, would like to see It maintain its Uptrend.

UPST: Has continued the beautiful run that’s caused it to put up 161% over the past weeks time. Had a large PT raised by Barclays, and continues to surge from its positive 4Q results, last week, would like to see its run continue

OCG: Had another big run today that continued throughout the day into close. Briefly surpassed 15.00 in after-hours before pulling back, expecting it to continue to build on its 177% gain over the past month

RAIL: Had a great day, putting up several times its average volume and consistently climbing throughout the day. Continued it’s Uptrend in after-hours, further distancing from 4.00, watching tomorrow

HOFV: Had a large run today and held most of its gains. Up nearly 300% over the past 3m, has the potential for a continuation north this week
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