March 23, 2022

March 24th Watchlist

GME: Had another solid climb today, briefly reaching 150.00 before pulling back to close the day. has gained more than 55% over the past weeks time, on the radar for a continued recovery
VYGR: Has been a fantastic under the radar stock, putting up nearly 160% over the past month’s time, with a near daily climb over that time. Nearly tested 10.00 today before pulling back, could see another attempt to reach that number this week
ALPN: A lower volume stock that had a solid day, starting off strong and surpassing 10.00 before falling throughout the day. Rebounded partially in AH, could see it climb back over 10.00 shortly
SPPI: Had an interesting day, starting the morning off on a high note before growing stagnant. Has amassed 75% over the past week, with a great chart, would like to see it continue north
MOGO: Performed very well today, testing 3.00 and continuing it’s recent upward movement after a long term downtrend. On watch for a continued recovery if it can surpass 3.00
IQ: Ran hard throughout the first part of the day, briefly surpassing 5.00, before growing stagnant. Up 50% over the past weeks time, with great volume today, on the radar for another test of 5.00
GLS: Continued it’s recent climb, bringing it’s past week gains to 86% with a very consistent chart, as it recovers from it’s recent fall. Would like to see this recovery continue
CISO: Performed very well most of the day, holding near or above 10.00, before falling heading into close. Still has nearly 70% gained over the past weeks time, watching for another push over 10.00
ESOA: Soared in Ah as it began trading on NASDAQ Capital Market. Put up many times it’s average volume today, could see a higher run north as the volume pours in
CAN: Performed well today, nearly touching 7.00 midday and holding nicely heading into close. Up 37% over the past week, with consistent gains, looking or that trend to continue
UXIN: Had another solid day, bringing it’s past week gains to nearly 70% as it continues to rebound from its extended downtrend. Put up solid volume today, on watch for a potential push to 2.00
TELL: Modest gains today for a stock recently trending upwards. Expecting it to climb over 4.50 shortly and continue towards 5.00
AEI: A penny stock that continues to rise recently, with todays large run bringing its past week gains to 64% and past month to 135% with a great chart. Put up massive volume today, would like to see its rise continue
DPRO,RKDA,IMPP: Long term gainers on watch for a continued uptrend

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