March 23, 2021

March 24th Watchlist

HOFV: Had a phenomenal run in afterhours, nearly doubling in afterhours after signing partnership with dolphin. Maintained it’s gains into close, watching for a contiunation tomorrow

DLPN: Had a phenomenal run throughout the day, finidhing up nearly 250%, on New NFT division, before soaring in afterhours due to partnership with HOFV. Has excellent momentum, expecting a continuation

APTO: Climbed far in afterhours on joint news of 4Q+ Full year results in addition to it’s CFO resigning. Has the potential to continue north, on the radar for tomorrow.

BNTC: Had a interesting day, spiking early morning, pulling back and then soaring throughout the day, briefly tested 10.00 before close. Pulled back hard in AH, watching for a second spike

TKAT: Performed extremely well early AM, surpassing our PT, and nearly reaching 75.00 before falling back. Has amassed 718% over the past week and more then 1500% over the past month, looking for a rebound and continuation

RCON: A long term gainer that spiked to nearly 6.00 before pulling back heading into close. Has accumulated nearly 350% over the past 3m, expecting another attempt to surpass 6.00 in the future

EOLS: Maintained it’s recent uptrend today, performing well and adding to it’s nearly 300% over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum, expecting it to continue north

AMTX: Spiked hard early morning, running over 26.00 before pulling back. Up 180% over the past 3m, and 640% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high today, expecting another climb over 25.00+

ONCY: Had a consistent climb throughout the day, closing strong. Watching for 4.00 to be reached again in the near future

BBGI: Up 119% over the past 3m, including today’s big uptrend. Has the momentum to continue it’s push north
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