March 1, 2021

March 2nd Watchlist

CAN: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day, rebounding nicely from last week’s market pullback. Continued its climb in AH, expecting 25.00 to be tested again shortly

SOS: Spiked hard this morning, holding its gains throughout the day and surging again in after-hours, reaching 8.00. Had massive volume, looking for its recovery to push it back over 10.00 in the coming days

OSS: Performed very well throughout the day, consistently climbing, going as far as to briefly touch 9.50. setting another new 52 week high. Has amassed 136% over the past month, 10.00 pt in place

NCTY: Had a sharp decline last week inline with the market pullback, Rebounded very well today, surging throughout the day and into after-hours, reaching out 50.00 pt. Watching for its recovery to continue

MARA: Strong climb today that continued in AH, inline with bitcoins recovery. Up more than 500% over the past 3m, on the radar for 45.00+ again in the near future

XONE: A previous excellent gainer that hit a snag in recent weeks, steadily pulling back. Surged with the market today, halting its downward trend, watching for it to start a recovery

ZKIN: Rebounded nicely today, after a bloody previous week. Needs to maintain today’s volume to continue back to its 10.00 resistance

RIOT: Had an excellent climb throughout today, climbing back over 50.00 and closing at its HOD. 60.00 first PT in place

MVIS: Bounced back today after an extended downtrend recently. Reached 18.00, looking for a continuation back over 20.00 shortly

EMAN: Has gained 275% over the past 3m, had a strong push north late in the day into close. Would like to see another test of its 52 week high 5.24 this week

NOVN: Had a modest climb today, reversing after 2 weeks of steady decline after months of a strong Uptrend. Watching for it to continue back to 2.00 before reevaluating.

MOGO: Had a great climb today, closing strong with solid volume. On the radar to climb back over 10.00 shortly and retest its persistent wall of 11.00

NR: A lower volume stock that’s gained 161% over the past 3m consistently. Set another new 52 week high today, looking for its a relatively steady climb to continue north

AMRS: Up 436% over the past 3m, has briefly climbed over 16.00 several times over the past month before pulling back, including today, looking for another attempt

AMTX: Had a big run today, with roughly 10x its average volume, climbing over 16.00, and bringing its past 3m gains to nearly 600%. Has great momentum, expecting a continuation

INUV: Spiked early morning before becoming stagnant throughout the day. Soared in after-hours on news that it’s entered into an agreement with Google, causing it to briefly test 2.00 in after-hours. On the radar for tomorrow morning

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