March 4, 2020

March 4th Watchlist

INO: Surged yesterday after announcing a positive coronvirus update. Continued in After-hours. Expecting a continuation today, 10.00 approaching

MITO: Starting the day off very well, Mito collapsed throughout the day. Looking for it to hold over 3.00 to have a bounce today

GNMX: Soared recently. Looking for 5.00 soon

CPST: Remained stagnant until the final minutes of the market day,causing a run. Looking for a continuation of that move today

EVLO: Performed well yesterday, closing on a strong note. Looking for 6.00+ today

BPTH: Had a solid run yesterday. Has a history of massive runs after strong uptrends, watching closely

BCDA,THTX,OCUL: Gainers on watch for continuations

SPEX,BPMX,CHFS: Rebound Candidates

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