March 6, 2020

March 6th Watchlist

INO: Gained over 100% this week. Pressing against 10.00, looking for a push past that mark next week

HTBX: A low market cap stock that has led all stocks this week in gains, tripling in value. Surpasses 1.00 in after-hours/premarket, looking for it to hold over that mark

DYNT: Has gained nearly 200% in the last month, and continues to push higher. Looking for 3.00+ by the middle of next week

OSG: Has had a strong uptrend recently, approaching it’s 3m high of 2.65 expecting it to surpass that mark

VIPS: Currently at it’s 52 week high, 20.00 in the near future

FTSV,AIM, VIR: Gainers on watch for continuations

CSU,AMPY,SNES: Rebound Candidates
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