March 9, 2020

March 9th Watchlist

SPEX: Had a strong Friday before falling heading into close. Running in after-hours and premarket, expect a continuation.

DRAD: Beat earnings and revenue at the end of last week, causing a strong surge in after-hours. Falling with the rest of the market in Premarket, looking for a rebound after it finishes it’s fall.

TOCA: Has announced a series of excellent news recently, causing nearly a 500% run over the past month. Falling in PM, looking for a reversal near the end of the day

AIM: Announces positive news on their Coronavirus drug, with human trials to start in April. Expecting the news to cause a multiday run, as the markets fall

COCP: Announces plans to launch a Coronavirus program, leading to a 50%+ Premarket run. Approaching 2.00, expecting it to surpass that

ENZ: Ran hard on Friday, continued in after-hours and maintains it’s uptrend today in premarket. Another stock with coronvirus inspired runs, watching for a continuation today

INO,NNVC,MNLO: Gainers on watch for continuations

NVIV,TRXC,XSPA: Rebound candidates
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