March 4, 2019

March Swings/Uptrending Stocks


CIDM(+92% past 3 months): Had a very strong reversal at the end of last year, gaining over 100% since late Dec. Expecting a continuation, 1.70 pt.

MTNB(+64% past 3m): Long term hold that’s experiencing a slow rebound. Set a new 52 week high on Friday. Expect the uptrend to continue


BIOL(+118% past 3m): Huge run has taken place since the new year. Experiencing a setback, that its experienced several times during this run. Looks primed to continue towards and above 3.00

CJJD(+88% past year): Solid stock, currently at highs it has not reached in years. Small 3.00 pt in place, as Chinese companies can be unpredictable

LIQT(+590% past year): Our favorite stock under $5, liqt is currently consolidating, holding steady as it prepares for another climb. Beautiful future expected for this stock


APPS(+47% past month): Massive uptrend since the beginning of last November, reversing from a long term downtrend. Company looks to be turning around, solid long term hold


BDSI(+132% past year): Consistent climb over the last year, on a very jagged chart, perfect for swing trading. After setting another new 52 week high on Friday, fully expecting the move to continue

CHMA(+181% past year): A very strong stock, completely erasing a massive pullback that took place in recent months. Climbed over its resistance of 4.00, expect the stock to continue north

RMTI(+59% past month): Long term decliner that’s found life lately. Keep eyes on it for a continuation

TEUM(+109% past 3m): Huge reversal and subsequent run took place in late December, consistently climbing over that time. Resistance exists at 4.00, needs to break convincingly it for the climb to continue


DBD(+115% past month): Reversing nicely, after falling consistently over the last 5 years. Expecting the climb to continue to 10, not expecting a long term reversal to take place

ENPH(+181% past year): Very nice chart over the last 6 months, clawing it’s way back from a large pullback. Plenty if room left for it to climb, watching until over $10

HROW(+293% past year): A perfect chart for swinging, HROW has a uptrending chart, and bright future. 8.50 pt in place, will reevaluate at that point.

HYRE(+210% past 3m): Explosive grower that’s clearly showing signs of having trouble over 6.00. Watching for a strong break before declaring it a buy

RUBI(+303% past year): A beautiful chart over the last year, maintaining a very nice uptrend. One of the best stocks under 10 right now. pt of 8.50 in place

XBIT(+105% past 3m): Huge reversal took place last September, beginning a consistent climb from there. Needs to past 10 to continue, but watching dilligently

ZNGA(+45% past 3m): An extremely consistent chart defines this stock, as its been a near daily gainer over the last few months. Worth taking a look at


JYNT(+149% past year): A safe and strong stock, with plenty of support levels. Great long term hold option, as it reached a new 52 week on Friday.

GWGH(+136% past year): Has gained the entirety of its 136% since last August, experiencing a sudden surge due to strong news, and has continued that trend ever since, breaking over $10 in mid-Feb. Another excellent long term hold option

QTT(+200% past 3m): Great stock that reversed from its initial fall to become a respectable stock with a bright future. First pt. of $16 in place, second pt. $20

FBP(+92% past year): Nothing special about this stock. Simply has the ability to erase pullbacks with ease, and maintain a relative uptrend over the last 3 years.

AMSC(+213% past year): A great company and excellent turnaround, currently having a small pullback, fully expecting it to recover from it and continue towards our $20 pt.

REFR, FTK,FLNT,NTEC,RCM: Stocks setting up to become swing trades
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