May 25, 2021

May 26th Watchlist

PIRS: More than doubled in share value during the market day, finishing at its HOD and maintaining its uptrend in AH, pushing over 5.00. On the radar for a continuation in PM

PRVB: Performed well throughout the day, closing over 10.00 and continuing its surge to 11.00 in after-hours. Has solid momentum, would like to see 11.50 reached again shortly

KOSS: Relatively stagnant before taking off late in the market day, continuing its run over 20.00 and closing strong. On the radar for the start of a potential recovery to take place

LEDS: Spiked early morning, pushing over 11.00 before pulling back, ending the day under 10.00. Had large volume, more than 3x it’s 3m average, needs repeat volume to bring it back over 10.00 and continue its recent climb

PTIX: Had a fantastic day, taking off early morning, and maintaining its climb throughout the day, closing strong and having a strong after-hours, ending the day at 3.00. Has solid momentum, potential to continue north this week

JYNT: Continued its recent uptrend, taking off early morning and maintaining its run throughout the day, briefly testing 70.00 before pulling back. Set a new 52 week high today, looking for 70.00+ again in the near future

GME: Had a strong run today, climbing well over 200.00. Has a recent history of enormous multiday runs, watching closely tomorrow

TIGR: Soared early morning, spiking to 21.00, before suffering a sharp decline afterward. Struggling to hold over 20.00, needs another large volume day to push it over and hold it over that price

AMC: Had an excellent day, as “Meme” stocks begin to break out again. Climbed over 17.00 in AH, on the radar for another repeat of its previous insane runs that took place in recent months

MOXC: Had a strong day, rebounding nicely from its recent pullback, and setting a new 52 week high. Has amassed nearly 200% over the past month, would like to see 20.00 before EOW

NEWP: Put up roughly 5x its average volume, leading to its steady climb throughout the day. Having a great Uptrend recently, as it’s near finished completing a cup and handle pattern started at the beginning of this year. 7.00 pt in place

GTX: Having a great climb over the past week, putting up 30%, adding to its 60% accumulated over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, would like to see a continuation to 9.50+ in the coming days

RCON: Performer well again today, holding its gains heading into close and carrying its past 3m gains to 385%. Expecting a continuation of its long term uptrend this week

NTP: Had another solid uptrend today, adding to its more than 120% gain over the past month with an excellent chart over that time. Has momentum, 29.00+ pt in place

SELB: Had a modest climb throughout the day, before surging in AH, reaching 4.00. Looking for its AH move to hold and for it push over its current wall

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