May 24, 2021

May 25th Watchlist

CREX: Started premarket off very well, soaring high before declining after market open and throughout much of the day. Had a minor uptrend heading into close, watching for a secondary run to take place

QRHC: Had a good start to the day before declining. Set a new 52 week high, on the radar for it to continue north back over 5.00 this week

SCPS: Soared early morning, requiring a halt, and continued it’s run afterwards, reaching as high as 20.00 before suffering a large pullback. Potential for a secondary run, watching

FLL: A long term gainer that’s added 432% over the past year, with a steady chart over that time. Set a new 52 week high, on watch for a continuation this week

SPCE: Had a strong climb throughout the day, finishing near it’s HOD to close out the day. Potential for a continuation of today’s rebound, on the radar for 30.00 this week

JZXN: Performed very well today, surging heading into close, surpassing 10.00. Watching early tomorrow for it to continue that positive move and push further from 10.00

FTK: Had a solid day, despite it’s lower volume, adding to it’s more then 50% gained over the past month. Has the potential to be the start of a recovery, looking for 2.50 this week

RIOT, MARA : Had a very nice rebounds today, moving north with Bitcoin. On watch for Crypto, and in extension, these 2 stocks, to continue their rebounds

HIMX: Consistently climbed throughout the day, closing strong. Looking for another positive day

RCON: A long term gainer that continued it’s Uptrend today, setting a new 52 week high. Up nearly 400% over the past 3m, set up well for a continuation, 12.50 first long term pt in place

PLXP: Had another big day, bringing it’s past year gains to more then 300%. Has excellent long term momentum despite it’s volume, 15.00 next pt in place

USWS,XELB,PFMT,GVP: Other stocks on watch
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