May 26, 2021

May 27th Watchlist

BBW: Had an enormous run today, steadily climbing and closing strong. Has gained more than 600% over the past years time, would like to see 15.00+ this week

INSE: An excellent long-term gainer that’s amassed more than 350% over the past year. Had a large run today, bringing it near its previous 52 week high and over 11.00, with massive volume relative to its average. On the radar for 12.50+

PDSB: Performed very well today, surging over 10.00 and bringing its past week gains to 77%`with an excellent chart over that time. Set another new 52 week high today, expecting its run to continue

BBQ: Rebounded nicely today after its recent pullback. Has been a great long term gainer, would like to see another climb over 15.00 take place and for its Uptrend to continue

EMKR: Had a strong climb today, bringing its past month gains to 50% and within sight of 10.00. Set another new 52 week high today, expecting its momentum to carry it over that price point and for it to continue its climb.

UPST: Performed well, rebounding from its recent pullback and bringing it back to within sight of 150.00. Still maintains a relatively solid chart over the past few months, expecting a continuation north

PFMT: Had a modest climb today, bringing its past week gains to more than 30% and past 3m gains to 128%. Testing 3.00, would like to see it push past that price this week

JILL: A lower volume stock that’s had excellent success, gaining 532% over the past year, including more than 110% over the past month’s time. Continues to surge north, 20.00 short term pt in place

RRD: Had another solid climb today, bringing its excellent long-term gains to more than 400%. Set another new 52 week high today, expecting that trend to continue long term.

OMI: Took off early morning and maintained its surge throughout the day, closing well, with 15x its average volume. Potential for a second run to take place, watching closely

IHT: Had a big run today, coming within sight of its 52 week high before pulling back to end the day. Has gained nearly 50% over the past week, watching for another attempt to surpass its 52 week high by EOW

AMC: Meme stocks are flying of late, with today’s strong push bringing it within striking distance of 20.00 with enormous volume. If its momentum holds, expecting another large surge tomorrow

JFIN: Had a strong day despite roughly 1/8 its average volume, finishing off the day well, near its HOD. Needs its volume to increase for its uptrend to continue over 7.00

GME: Has renewed hype of late, leading to another multi-day run, nearly reaching 250.00 today before pulling back. Up more than 40% this week, potential for another leg up

SELB: Had another strong climb today, pushing over 4.00 and bringing its past week gains to nearly 40%. Has Rebounded very nicely from its recent pullback, needs to surpass 4.50 to continue north

TELL: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day, closing at its HOD and bringing its past month’s gains to 65%. Has great recent momentum, would like to see its climb continue

SNDL: A penny stock that performed very well today, putting up excellent volume and steadily climbing throughout the day, closing strong. On the radar for a continuation to 1.00 this week

MOXC: Had a sizeable pullback today, hindering its excellent recent momentum. Has a great history of running recently, gaining 170% over the past month’s time. 20.00 pt still remains in place

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