May 27, 2021

May 28th Watchlist


BBW: Maintained its recent momentum today, setting another new 52 weeks high and bringing its past week gains to 67% and more than 100% over the past month. Has excellent momentum, looking for 20.00 in the near future

MOXC: Started very well, setting a new 52 week high before sliding throughout the day. Has gained nearly 750% over the past 3m. Would like to see a rebound back to 20.00 shortly

JILL: Had another strong climb today, bringing it over 18.00 and gaining nearly 100% over the past month. 20.00 pt remains intact

RFP: An excellent long-term gainer that continues to maintain its run. Up nearly 800% over the past year. Has potential to continue its run over 20.00 by next week

VTNR: Had a massive run today, spiking over 5.00 briefly before pulling back. Finished the day with massive gains, on the radar for a second run to take place

AMC: Continues to absolutely fly recently. Up 115% over the past week, expecting 30.00 in the coming days

AXAS: Steadily climbed throughout the day, closing at its HOD. Has had a long-term decline in recent months, would like to see a short-term continuation to 3.00.

RZLT: Has amassed over 60% over the past week’s time. Surpassed 10.00 today, watching for it to continue north

CREX: Had a fantastic run today, climbing over 2.00 and bringing its past week gains to 70%. Needs its volume to hold for its recovery
to continue

NKLA: Performed extremely well today, consistently climbing and closing strong. Looking early morning for signs of a second climb

FORD: Had an excellent climb throughout the day. Looking for 3.00+

AINC: Had another excellent surge today, continuing the recent uptrend that’s seen it amass 72% over the past week and 143% over the past month. Surpassed 20.00 today, expecting its climb to continue

UXIN: Had a fantastic climb, with today’s gains bringing it to 75% added in the past month and more than 225% over the past 3m. 4.00+ pt in place

TELL: Ran again today, maintaining the recent uptrend that’s seen it add 50% over the past week’s time. Has great recent momentum, expecting another climb over 4.00

RVPL: Soared throughout the day, closing at its HOD. Watching in PM
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