May 3, 2021

May 4th Watchlist

NM: Had an excellent climb throughout the day, rebounding from a recent pullback. Tested 9.00 today, on the radar for it to push over that mark and continue to 10.00

CTHR: Surged to a new 52 week high today, continuing the long-term climb that’s seen it add more than 430% over the past year. 4.00 in sight.

UEC: Consistently climbed throughout the day, closing at its HOD. Watching for its momentum to carry it higher this week

PRPO: Had a massive run after announcing launch of the Covid antibody test of Amazon. Maintained its run in after-hours, potential for a continuation tomorrow

RHE: Doubled in share value today on a massive pump. Up nearly 200% over the past week, on the radar for a secondary spike

BTX: Our favorite stock in recent weeks, soaring again today, bringing its past month gains to a massive 2000%. Has had an incredible pump, expecting a continuation

ISNS: Ran hard from midday on, soaring into close. Had a share downtrend in after-hours, watching for a rebound to take place in PM

MGP: Had a massive run in after hours. Would like to see a continuation in tomorrows PM

VXRT: Spiked hard in after-hours after new data obtained from Phase 1 covid study. Watching for a continuation of its after-hours move

FRD: Soared throughout the day, finishing above 10.00 for the first time over the past years time. Has been a slow but steady long term gainer, adding 138% over the past year. Needs to hold over 10.00 to maintain its climb

ESEA: Performed very well throughout the day, consistently climbing and closing strong. Has gained nearly 80% over the past month, would like to see 20.00 this week

OCGN: Had a strong surge today, continuing the excellent uptrend that’s caused it to amass 134% over the past month. Currently soaring, 17.50 next pt in place

TYHT: Had another climb, bringing its past week gains to nearly 50% and past month to more than 150%. Has had amazing momentum, expecting it to push higher

PLBY: Has rebounded nicely from its recent pullback. Fast approaching its 52 week high set recently. Looking for 55.00+ this week

RCON: Has gained 70% over the past month and 300% over the past 3m. Has momentum, watching for another attempt to surpass 9.00 tomorrow

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