May 8, 2022

May 9th Watchlist

AREN: A lower volume stock that had a great day on Friday, soaring throughout and closing strong, holding its gains throughout the day, on Sales beat. Could see its momentum carry it higher, on watch
FNKO: Maintained a steady uptrend to end the week on fantastic volume, putting up roughly 10x its average volume.
BTX: Has had a brutal drop all year, losing 97% of its value, including dropping 50% over the past month with a steady fall over that time. Fell under 1.00 recently, on watch for a potential short term rebound
NVCT: Set a new 52 week high on Friday, ending the week on a high note, amassing 80%. Up 460% over the past 3m, would like to see 20.00 reached this week if momentum holds
PME: Had a solid day on friday, adding to the 25% gained over the past week, and nearly 60% over the past 3m. Testing 1.00, if it surpasses it, could see it touch its 1.13 52 week high
HDSN: Had a rocky end to the week but still pulled out a minor gain, adding to its 50% gained over the past week and 147% over the past 3m. Put up 3x its average volume on Friday, 10.00 approaching quickly
SQNS: Maintained a very solid surge north on Friday, surpassing 3.00 and holding its gains into close. Has a very long history of downtrending, on watch for a potential turnaround
UONE: Performed well on Friday, maintaining the recent momentum that’s had it surge 505 over the past week. Would like to see this relatively small volume stock continue its move north
OXY: Set a new 52 week high on Friday, pushing past a recent wall that held for several weeks. Negotiating 65.00, if it surpasses it, could see a move to 70.00
NOG: Had a positive move on Friday, completing its cup and handle pattern and nearly setting a new 52 week high. On the radar for another attempt to climb over 30.00
PXD: Set a new 52 week high with that strong move north on Friday, with great volume accompianing it. Would like to see it continue its push north to 300.00 in the future
STNG: Has been a consistent mover over the past 3m, putting up 93% over that time with a strong chart. Within sight of its previous 52 week high, would like to see it surpass that early this week
FRGE: Had a great week, gaining 72%, including a great day on Friday. Would like to see it continue its move north
RCMT,PPIH,CEIX,AMR,DVN,AR,REI: Gainers on watch for continued climbs

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