April 28, 2019

May Swings and Long term holds


AUG(+64% past 3m): Jagged chart over the last few months, Approaching its 1.75 52 weeks high, needs to climb past that to continue its uptrend

CIDM(+107% past 3m): Soared since the beginning of the year. Pressing against its 2.00 resistance, if it breaks it, expect an extended run to take place

PTN(+69% past 3m): Solid chart in recent months, 1.40 resistance, expecting it to reach it this week, looking for it to surpass it

SNES(+95% past 3m): Halted a long term fall that it was suffering from. The yearly chart is curling north, 2.10 short term pt in place

FSI(+90% past 3m): Extremely low volume stock that’s quietly rising since the new year. Set its 52 weeks high earlier this month, looking for it to surpass 3.00 in the coming days and continue its uptrend

TMQ(+111% past year): Has had a slow but steady climb since the beginning of 2016. Has remained a great buy and hold candidate

APPS(+106% past year): A long term gainer that has climbed since the beginning of 2017. Continuing to slowly curl north, 4.25 pt. in place

PRVB(+66% past month): Consistent gainer over the last month, low average volume, looking for the turn around to continue past 4.00

TAIT(+168% past year): One of the best stocks over the past year, surging over that time period. Setting a new 52 week high near daily, the sky is the limit for this stock


ACHV(+207% past 3m): Very nice chart over the past several months. Has surpassed most of its resistance points, 5.10 pt., if it climbs past that, expecting it to continue north

ZIOP(+114% past 3m): Very nice chart recently. Struggling to surpass its 4.50 wall, looking for it to break that wall soon.

ADVM(+110% past 3m): Has more than doubled since the new year. Looking for it to reach its all-time high of 7.60 in the coming months

CHMA(+317% past year): Has climbed sporadically since last August. Low volume stock, but has potential, looking for another climb back to 7.00 in the near future

CPRX(+126% past 3m): Resistance at 6.00, has had a meteoric climb since the new year. Looking for a climb over its resistance shortly

CVM(+218% past year): Continues its Impressive run after its large collapse nearly a year ago. 7.50 pt in place

FLNT(+146% past year): Has had a great climb since late last year, with a consistent chart over that time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, 8.00 first pt. in place

GLDD(+103% past year): A long term gainer, nothing special but has a decently steady chart, that’s great for swinging. Needs to surpass 10, to continue

RIOT(+195% past 3m): Has had a great reversal since the beginning of the year, surging after a long term downtrend. Had a large pullback on Friday, looking for it to hold over 5.00 before continuing north

RUBI(+193% past year): Has had a beautiful chart over the past year, with plenty of spikes and dips. Strong resistance at 7.00, looking for it to test that mark again before moving further north

HEXO,TPNL: Stocks on watch to become swings

VIOT(+91% past 3m): Decent climb for this stock since mid-Feb. Resistance at 15.00, looking for it to push past it

ZYNE(+186% past 3m): Has maintained an impressive uptrend, including doubling its share price over the last month. Flew past 10.00, 12.50 pt. in place

AXSM(+494% past year): One of the largest gainers since the new year, gaining, over 700% over that time period. Set another 52 week high on Friday, 20.00 pt. in place in the near future

ENPH(+136% past year): A stock that has had a positive uptrend over the last 2 years, reversing from a long term downtrend. Recently surpassed 10, expecting the climb to continue, 13.50 pt in place

CATS(+225% past year): Has had a turbulent climb, with plenty of large dips. Continues to push north, 20.00 long term pt. in place

PDEX(+700% past 5 years): A consistent buy and hold stock, with impressive gains yielded over that time period. Low volume traditionally, but the sky seems to be the limit, expecting 20.00 to be reached shortly

SHSP(+218% past year): Steady climber with a beautiful chart over the past years time period. Pressing against a 20.00 resistance point, looking for it to surpass it before continuing north

ULBI(+219% past 5 years): Long term gainer that erases pullbacks, no matter how large. Recently erased a roughly 30% pullback, and looks primed to continue north.

CODA(+300% past year): Has had a decent climb in the past that took off in recent months, more than doubling since the beginning of FEB. expecting the massive run to continue, will reevaluate again at 18.00

AUDC(+134% past year): Has an inconsistent chart that has a general direction north. Expecting at least one more pullback before 20.00 is reached, but still a promising option

JYNT(+109% past 3m): Has maintained its climb since our alert at 12.00, Expecting a climb to 20.00 in the coming days and weeks. Watching for it to pass that mark

LSCC,NOA,FLDM,DBD: Stocks on watch to become good swings
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