August 22, 2018

Mid August Swings and Uptrending stocks($1-20)

LIQT(+96% last 3/mon.) : Performing well over the last year as it reverses from a long-term downtrend. With a short-term PT. of 1.35, and if broken, a LT. PT. of $2, there’s plenty of room to grow.
SUMR(+106% Last 3/Mon.) : Performing well over the last few months as it continues its reversal. Watching at and over 2.25
TMQ(+37% last 3/Mon.) Watching for another test of $2 shortly, if broken, a strong buy candidate
TAIT(+120% over the last 5/y): SLow long-term gainer but has had a very slow reversal taking place. Small potential but recent uptrend looks promising.
ATRS(+50% last 6/mon.): SLow and steady gain over the last half year. Potential to climb back to a price it climbed to late last year, $4.00. On watch
CRHM(+200% last 8/mon): Has reversed well since a large fall last year. Watching for the climb to continue
DDE(+233% over the last year): Has had a tremendous surge of late. Continue to watch over 3.35, as its pressing against its resistance.
LTRX(+100% Since Jan.): Gaining very well, as it aims to hold and continue past its $4 resistance. If broken, watch for a strong surge to take place.
UUUU:(+85% Past Year): A jagged chart and an erratic stock but has had explosive gains over the last few months. Large Pt of $5.20 intact
DNR(+308% Past Year): An incredible and steady gainer over the last year, gaining 300% over that time, Broke through most resistance points and has the green light to continue its climb from here. Pt. $8
GTIM(+47% last 3 mon.): Slow and consistent gainer since the end of last year. Watching for the climb to continue to $5 and beyond.
ARQL(+480% past year): Had explosive growth over the last few months. Hit resistance before $7 before falling, watching for another test of & in the coming weeks.
GLUU(+250% since May 2017): Excellent gainer, soaring as it reaches highs not reached in multiple years. Negotiating that 7.15 wall, if broken, watching for 10.00
NIHD(+811%+ Past Year): One of, if not the most impressive stock on the market over the past year, NIHD has reversed from a low of .22 all the way to $6 in less then a year. With such an amazing uptrend, expect the climb to continue
LFVN(+140% past 3 mons.): Reversing well since April, surging nearly 300% over the last year. Expecting a continuation, large pt. of $15
GFN(+188% Past Year): Very consistent growth over the last year, with no signs of stopping. Watching over $14.05 for the uptrend to continue
RFIL(+528% past year): In the gainer category nearly daily over the past year. Very consistent growth, expecting the climb to continue.
VSI(+156% past 3 mons.): Long term downtrend but has had a strong reversal of late, with it breaking past resistance points so easily, expect the climb to continue, large pt. $20
VG(+355% last 5 years): Excellent long-term set and forget option, as it’s gained consistently over the last few years.
RLH(+107% past year): Solid chart, decent growth, a good option for a swing trade.
CAMT(+515% over the last 5 years): Another excellent long-term option, having consistent growth since the beginning of 2016. Watch for the climb to continue over $10
XENE(+300% past year): Has had an excellent reversal since the new year, taking off for an over 350% gain since that time. Expect the reversal to continue past $15+
INS(+1006% past 5/y): A excellent long-term hold, making excellent gains, with an average of 200%+ per year over the last 5 years. Has really taken off over the last year, expect this to be a strong stock for months and even years to come
ABCD(+784% last 5/y): One of the best long-term holds under $20, as this stock has remained a model for consistent growth for over 5 years An excellent set and forget stock.
KIN(+50% last 3m): Strong chart, slowly but steadily climbing north, suffering minor dips and remaining on its northward course for over a year. Larger Pt of $18 in place
SHSP(+272% Past Year): Low volume stock but has been a quiet monster stock, having an incredibly quiet since the end of last year. Definitely expecting the uptrend to continue, quietly.
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