August 18, 2019

Mid August Uptrending Stocks

AXU(+75% past 3m): Decent gainer over the last few weeks. Has had resistance at 2.00, watching for a break of that mark for a continuation to take place
ENG(+73% past 3m:) A Lower volume stock that has had a solid 3 months, gaining close to 100% over that time period. Recently surpassed 1.00, watching for it to hold over that mark and push higher


HEBT(+139% past 3m): A beautiful swing stock over the last few months, with a relatively nice uptrend, with plenty of spikes and dips. Recently surpassed 2.00, needs to hold over that mark early on to continue north

HMY(+106% past year): Has had a decent year that has taken off over the last few months. Pressing against a 3.00 wall, with the current mood of the market, expecting this and all other gold stocks to be a safe haven for many

OESX(+206% past year): A lower volume stock, has had a strong climb over the last half a year, with a strong staircase pattern over that time. 3.00 wall ahead, watching for a strong climb over it


REKR(+266% past 3m): Long term uptrend stock, that had a large pullback recently. Currently looking to begin a reversal back to its former price level

WKHS(+153% past 3m): Has a similar chart to REKR. Huge uptrend that was cut short by a large pullback. Showing signs of a cup and handle pattern, watching in the upcoming days


AVP(+99% past year): Has nearly gained nearly 200% since the new year. Has resistance at 4.50, watching for a break of that mark in the upcoming days

DRD(+137% past 3m): Has had a beautiful uptrend over the past few months with an incredibly consistent climb. Would like to see a continuation to 5.00 in the near future

REFR(+452% past year): Has been a beautiful stock with an amazing chart over the last year+. Steadily uptrending throughout that time period, looking for 5.00+ this week easily

APPS(+342% past year): An excellent long term up trending stock, that has maintained a beautiful climb for nearly 3 years. Large pt of 10.00 in place by early next year, perfect set and forget stock

ASFI(+170% past year): A very small volumed stock that has quietly uptrended over that time period. 10.00 approaching quickly. Expected the small gem to continue north

ATLC(+105% past 3m): Another Low volumed stock that has creeper north with an amazing uptrend over the last 3-4 months. Expecting a continuation at least in the near future.

BRFS(+85% past year): A slower gainer but a strong chart, made perfect for swing trading. Approaching it’s 10.00 wall again, watching it for a break before it becomes another buy again

CVM(+700% past year): Has had an amazing uptrend over the past year, surging since it’s reversal from failed trial news over a year ago. 10.00 pt still in place, expect it to be reached by EOM

EGO(+144% past 3m): Consistent gainer over the past 3 months, another gold-related stock set up well to become a safehouse for many investors in the near future.

RUBI(+150% past year): Has had a solid year+. Struggling with the 10.00 wall, if it surpasses it soon, expecting the uptrend to continue to 14.00 before slowing down


LSCC(+150% past year): Consistent gainer over the past 52 week, approaching 20.00, expecting it to surge this week past that mark, watching it’s movements after that takes place

PAYS(+381% past year): A previously long term gainer that pulled back in recent weeks. Currently looking to begin a reversal, needs to hold over 14.00 for that to take place

GSB(+271% past year): Started a strong uptrend this past March 1st, Has gained nearly 200% since that moment. 15.00 pt in place within 2 months

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