February 21, 2020

Mid February Swings and Uptrending Stocks


MLSS(+85% past 3m): Has been an excellent gainer over the past year, gaining 450% over that time with a beautiful chart. Negotiating 2.00, expecting a continuation of it’s excellent uptrend


CLRB(+161% past 3m): Has been a profitable stock over past few months with a very solid chart. Pressing against 3.00, expecting it to surpass that mark this week

ELA(+466% past year): A strong gainer over the past year, surging to big gains. Interacting with a 2.50 wall, if it breaks it soon, expect a continuation

PAVM(+68% past week): Has been an excellent gainer over the past 3 months, gaining 183% over that time. One of the better stocks recently, expecting a climb past 3.00

SNGX(+181% past 3m): A strong gainer in recent months, that’s stalled over the past 3 weeks, struggling to surpass 3.00. If it surpasses that mark, expect a continued surge

ADRO(+193% past month): A surge over the past few months has catepuled the stock to extremely profit. Running hard recently, looking for 5.00+ in the near future.


AGRX(+266% past year): Had been a stagnant stock for many months before a sudden drop in late Oct. triggered a massive run that continues now. If it holds over 5.00, expect a continuation.

REKR(+504%past year): A stock that took off earlier past year before hitting it’s resistance and pulling back massively. Has made a strong rebound since then, looking for another test of 5.30

SELB(+199% past 3m): A strong gainer recently, with potential upside. Struggling with a 4.50 wall, if it breaks that mark looking for 5.00+


APTO(+237% past 3m): An excellent stock over the past 6 months, maintaining a beautiful chart over that time. Looks primed to continue to 10.00, watching closely

EQX(+121% past year): A slow but consistent gainer with some upside, expecting the slow move north to continue

IDN(+259% past year): A low volumed, hidden gem that’s quietly had a great year, surging to new heights. Struggling with 10.00 currently, looking for it to climb past that mark

LUNA(+178% past year): A stock perfect for swing trading, with a steady uptrend over that time. Looks primed to continue it’s slow but consistent climb at least to 10.00

OESX(+543% past year): One of the better gainers on the market over the past year, maintaining an extremely consistent climb over that time. 6.50 minimum expected

UTI(+164% past year): A nice chart for this stock, having a steady uptrend over that time. Negotiating a 9.50 wall, expecting it to surpass that and 10.00 shortly.
SREV,FBIO,PRTS,HCHC,CGEN,IMGN,PERI: Stocks with potential to become strong stocks
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