January 10, 2021

Mid January Swings and Uptrending Stocks


CDEV: Put up more then 35% the past week, adding to its more the 200% gained over the past month and bringing it to it’s 2.00 resistance. Needs a large amount of volume to carry it over that mark and continue north

RCON: Put up more then 30% last week, including a large spike that brought it over 2.50 briefly before settling back down. Watching for it to surpass 2.00 in the near future

SB: Has slowly but consistently uptrended recently, adding 30% over the past week and 60% over the past month. Currently at it’s 52 week high, expecting the march north to continue to 2.00+

SNCA: Had a big week, accumulating 44%, bringing it’s past month gains to over 80%, and climbing out of penny stock territory. Has momentum, looking for 1.50+ this week

NOVN: Running hard recently, gaining 77% over the last month, including closing out the past week strong. Surpassed 1.00 on Friday, needs to hold above that mark to maintain it’s climb north

TRCH: Has soared recently, gaining more then 60% last week, and a massive 339% over the past 3m, on good volume. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for it to retest that 1.20 mark and continue it’s climb

ANTE: Had a big Friday, recovering from Thursdays pullback, as it continues putting up big numbers. Currently up 131% over the past month and more then 220% over the past 3m. Has the momentum, expecting another attempt to surpass 3.00 early this week

EMAN: A great long term stock that’s put up over 400% over the past month, on a relatively consistent chart, and is currently at it’s year high. Surpassed 2.00 on Friday, expecting it to continue it’s consistent climb long term

IZEA: Running hard recently with excellent volume, putting up 137% over the past month and more then 650% over the past year. Spiked to over 3.00 mid 2020, expecting another attempt to reach and surpas that mark in the near future

VBLT: Has been a great stock recently, gaining more then 30% last week to add to its more then 75% gained over the past month. Low volume but has momentum, a 3.00 pt. is in place

AQMS: Performing very well, with last week’s 25% adding to its more then 200% gained over the past month. Had a small pullback on Friday, on watch for another attempt to surpass it’s 4.00 resistance this week

OEG: Having a spectacular run recently, gaining 55% over the past week, 146% over the past month and more then 300% over the past 3m. Tested 4.00 on Friday, looking for it to return to that price point early this week

USIO: A low volume stock that’s quietly added nearly 90% over the past month. Fast approaching it’s 52 week high set in the middle of 2020, expecting it to be reached this week

XTLB: A very low volume stock that’s had very consistent Uptrend over the past year adding nearly 150% with a great chart. 4.00 pt expected to be reached in the upcoming days


ENG: Had an great week, adding to its more then 100% gained over the past month and 300% gained over the past 3m. Had a pullback on Friday, needs to surpass 5.00 to continue it’s surge north

MOGO: Has been one of the best stocks in recent months, gaining 27% last week, and more then 250% over the past 3m, with a great chart. Currently negotiating 5.00, expecting it to surpass that mark and push higher

NMCI: Has one of the best charts and most consistent uptrended in recent months, adding nearly 40% to its 267% gained over the past 3m. At it’s 52 week high, 5.00+ expected to be reached this week


AMRS: Up more then 160% over the past week, including 34% over the past week, with a great chart. Pulled back some to end the week, after nearly reaching 10.00. If it can halt it’s pullback, expecting it to retest 10.00 again by midweek

CGA: Has had explosive growth, gaining 50% last week and over 120% over the past month, with a consistent climb over that time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for it to test and surpass 6.00 shortly

GROW: A long term gainer, GROW has put up more then 320% over the past year, with a great chart, and has taken off in recent months. At its 5 year high, fully expecting a continuation north

RDI: A very low volume stock that’s quietly accumulated 70% over the past month, including 30% last week. Expecting it to continue north under the radar, 7.50 pt in place

SID: An extremely consistent gainer, despite putting up minor numbers, it’s gained 20% over the past week and 120% over the past 3m. At it’s 52 week high, looking for 8.00+

SM: Has a massive 450% over the past 3m with a jagged but relatively consistent chart over that time period. Has momentum, would like to see 10.00 in the near future

ZDGE: A long term gainer that’s put up 300% over the past 3m, ZDGE is in a good position to continue it’s Uptrend, currently negotiating 6.00. If it Surpasses that mark, looking for 7.50
ICON,XXII,IDEX,JAGX,RESN,NNDM, PRTY,SOL,MARA,ATOM,RIOT,TIGR,WBAI: Other stocks on watch to become good swings
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