January 22, 2019

Mid January Swings and Uptrending Stocks

Under $1

OESX(+66% past month): Long term decliner but a potential for short term gains to be made. Watch for a climb to its resistance of 1.20

VRML(+110% past month): Sudden reversal since the new year, soaring since then. 1.00 next pt. but expecting the recovery to last beyond that

CRMD(+244% past year): A previously monster gainer that’s hit a wall lately. Slowly has crept north, watch for it to reach its destination of 2.00 in the coming weeks.

NURO(+78% past month): Rebounded from a large fall, back to its previous levels. Watch for it to carry its momentum

NXTD(+95% past month): Long term decliner but short term gainer, 1.50 short term pt. but not expecting a large climb

SDPI(+81% past month): Previous long term gainer that had a massive pullback, beginning its recovery, watch over 2.00


LIQT(+343% past year): Holding over 2.00 currently, expecting its steady climb to continue

MKGI(+159% past month): Sudden climb took place near the beginning of the year, surging from its large fall. Watching for it to climb all the way back, 3.50 first pt.

REFR(+108% past year): Has been a very good gainer over the last 6 months, climbed over the 2.00 wall, expect the movements to continue

TMQ(+276% past 2.5 years): Slow long term option, a set and forget stock. Creeping north but has a lot of strength behind it, erasing any and all pullbacks. Watch over 2.33

AGEN(+105% past 3m): Filling a large gap, creating the potential for a short term swing. 4.50 pt. in place, watch for it to continue to climb

CKPT(+133% past month): Sharp reversal underway, watching for it to rebound back to 4.75.


BDSI(+69% Over the last year): Solid Gainer that doesn’t show in its stats, but its reversed nicely from a 1.70 52 week low. 5.00 next pt.


ADIL(+157% past 3m): Very jagged uptrend, made perfect from swing trading, as it continues to creep north. Expecting its next spike soon, watching

ATXI(+93% past 3m): Has nearly finished fighting its way back fully from its early fall. 7.60 pt in the near future.

LIVX(+153% past 3m): Decently consistent gainer with a solid business model, resistance at 7.00, would jump on the train if broken soon

SMTX(+171% past year): Has been consistently climbing over the last year and a half. Would like to see it continue its monster moves, currently at stiff resistance, watching over 5.65


OSIR(+98 past year): Long term grower, filling a gap slowly. 20$ pt in place by Eoy.

DXR(+170% Past 3m): Excellent gainer with a very bright future. Resistance currently at 15, watching for it to climb over that and continue to 20.

AMSC(+126% past 3m): Semi consistent gainer with a strong business model. Watching for a break of and hold over 12.
TMDI,VHI,CERC,GSIT,NIHD,NFEC,XBIT: Stocks with good patterns forming, potential swings
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